Oregano Information for Yeast Infections

Oregano inhibits the growth of yeast infections - Candida Albicans as effectively as conventional medicine.

Candida albicans, the fungus responsible for a yeast infection's itching, burning, and irritation, is normally present in a woman's vagina. Menstruation, pregnancy, oral contraceptives, and antibiotics can all make yeast multiply. It invades the intestine, genital tract, mouth, and throat.

Normally this fungus lives in a healthy balance with other bacteria for years in the body, however, certain conditions can cause it to multiply; weakening the immune system and cause an infection known as Candidiasis. The fungus travels through the blood sugar to many parts of the body, causing more problems. Thrush can develop in the oral cavity affecting the tongue, gums, and the inner cheeks.

Vaginitis is becoming more prevalent causing a discharge and intense itching. This can be transmitted to a spouse and cause more problems. Most often allergies to food are present.

Because fungi travel through the bloodstream to many parts of the body, varying symptoms may manifest including:

  • vaginitis

  • oral thrush

  • food allergies

  • bowel disorders

  • ear and sinus irritation

  • intense itching

  • jock itch

  • athletes foot

  • gastrointestinal problems

  • canker sores

  • ringworm

The ears, nose, gastro-intestinal tract, and bowels can be affected resulting in constipation, diarrhea, colitis, abdominal pain, sore throat, congestion, cough, canker sores, numb hands, legs, and face, heart burn, kidney and bladder infection, acne, thyroid problems and depression, the list goes on and on. We must build and support the immune system with herbs and watch our diets, while driving out this yeast problem.

Oregano is an ancient culinary herb whose name means "joy-of-the-mountain." It was well known and used by herbalist/physicians in ancient Egypt. In Aristotle's day, Greek herbalists used oregano for medicinal use and as an antidote. Oregano has been widely used in Europe as a spice in food and treasured for its value as an herbal supplement. These capsules offer the quality and potency of pure Oregano in convenient capsule form, while helping the body reduce yeast.

Oil from the common herb oregano may be an effective treatment against dangerous, and sometimes drug-resistant bacteria, a Georgetown researcher has found.
Two studies have shown that oregano oil�-and, in particular, carvacrol, one of oregano's chemical components�-appear to reduce infection as effectively as traditional antibiotics.

�Some herbs should be considered as regular vegetables,� says Shiow Y. Wang, Ph.D., the study�s lead researcher and a biochemist with the USDA�s Beltsville Agricultural Research Center in Beltsville, Md. �People should use more herbs for flavoring instead of salt and artificial chemicals.�

Using various chemical tests, Wang studied and compared the antioxidant activity of 39 commonly used herbs grown in the same location and conditions. The study, which did not involve animal or human subjects, included 27 culinary and 12 medicinal herbs.

In what may be good news for pizza lovers and Italian food connoisseurs everywhere, the herbs with the highest antioxidant activity belonged to the oregano family. In general, oregano had 3 to 20 times higher antioxidant activity than the other herbs studied, says Wang.

Harry G. Preuss, MD, MACN, CNS, professor of physiology and biophysics, and his research team, tested oregano oil on staphylococcus bacteria�-which is responsible for a variety of severe infections and is becoming increasingly resistant to many antibiotics.

They combined oregano oil with the bacteria in a test tube, and compared oregano oil's effects to those of standard antibiotics streptomycin, penicillin and vacnomycin.

The oregano oil at relatively low doses was found to inhibit the growth of staphylococcus bacteria in the test tubes as effectively as the standard antibiotics did.

Another aspect of the study examined the efficacy of oregano oil and carvacrol, which is believed to be the major antibacterial component of oregano, in 18 mice infected with the staph bacteria.

Six of the mice received oregano oil for 30 days, and 50 percent of this group survived the 30-day treatment.

Six received the carvacrol in olive oil, not oregano oil, and none survived longer than 21 days. Six mice received olive oil alone with no active agents (the control group) and all died within three days.

A repeat study corroborated these findings, which demonstrates that there are components of oregano oil other than carvacrol that have antibiotic properties.

"While this investigation was performed only in test tubes and on a small number of mice, the preliminary results are promising and warrant further study," Preuss said.

"The ability of oils from various spices to kill infectious organisms has been recognized since antiquity. Natural oils may turn out to be valuable adjuvants or even replacements for many anti-germicidals under a variety of conditions."

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