Whey Protein Information Guide

Whey protein is an ideal source of protein and essential amino acids. Whey Protein Guide for atheletes and sports nutrition

Ultra Whey Peptide Protein

Whey Protein Powder comes in a rich vanilla/chocolate flavor with no artificial sweeteners plus extra L-Carnitine and Glutamine. Metaba Shake is the highest, advanced biological value protein, ultrafiltrated ion-exchange peptide designer whey protein. It is the finest quality protein concentrate derived from the freshest ion-exchange whey for maximum biological value.

Our Whey Protein Powder has been ultra-filtered and processed at the lowest temperature to prevent the denaturing of this invaluable protein source. It easily mixes with any beverage or meal to give you a super nutritious, high-protein supplement.

Nutrition for the Athlete

Whey proteins are one of the best known sources of branched-chain amino acids. These are important to athletes as they are metabolized directly into muscle tissue unlike other amino acids that are metabolized into the liver. Various forms of exercise increase the body's need for branched-chain amino acids and whey proteins can help meet that need.

Whey proteins have long been used by athletes following strenuous activity to help the body repair and rebuild muscle tissue. Individuals engaging in regular, strenuous exercise need more protein than those with a less active life-style and whey proteins are often the proteins of choice.

Nutrition for Middle Age and Beyond

Whey proteins are an ideal source of protein and essential amino acids for older people, especially those with declining appetites. They provide energy to the body and a boost to the immune system.

Another great benefit of whey proteins is their ability to help prevent bone loss in older individuals. A recent study conducted at Boston University showed that older individuals who consumed low levels of protein had a significant loss of bone, especially in the hip and spine, four years after the start of the study. A daily diet including the recommended amount of whey protein can help keep bones healthy and strong as the body ages.

New research suggests that whey may play a role in helping prevent prostate cancer. When Ohio State University food scientists treated human prostate cells in the lab with whey protein, cellular levels of the antioxidant glutathione increased. Antioxidants such as glutathione have been shown to control cancer-causing free radicals.

With Whey Protein you get all the advantages of protein without fat or lactose. Not only that, studies have shown that Whey Protein can increase our blood levels of glutathione. Glutathione is an antioxidant which is essential to a healthy immune system. As we get older glutathione levels decrease and our immune system weakens. Studies are still underway - at the University of Nebraska Medical Center where they were able to extend the life span of hamsters by 60% by supplementing their diet with Whey Protein. Whey Protein is not only good for building and repairing muscles, it also may extend your life.

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Each serving provides 16 grams of pure protein that is more potent, more readily absorbed and more easily digested than other brands. It is an excellent meal replacement in this whey protein concentrate formula. Try this delicious Femhealth protein powder. It tastes great and mixes instantly for a convenient smooth tasting shake any time of the day.

FH-49-8 Metaba Shake Whey Protein Powder 23oz Chocolate/Vanilla $29.95

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Banana Smoothie (makes one serving)

1 banana cut into 1-inch chunks (works great if already frozen)
� c. yogurt
� c. milk or soy milk
1 or 2 scoops of whey protein powder
2 T. honey or jam
� t. vanilla extract


Put all of the ingredients into a blender. Mix until all of the fruit is pureed.
Pour into a glass, and drink immediately.

You can freeze this beverage overnight, then toss it into a blender, and pour it back in the plastic cup you froze it in.


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