Valerian Root for Anxiety & Insomnia

Valerian Root helps relieve stress, anxiety and insomnia. It has been used for thousands of years in Europe and Asia as a sedative, muscle relaxant and in relieving digestive problems.

Valerian Root contains alkaloids that are known to relieve pain and relax the body. As a pain reliever and herbal analgesic, it is indicated when pain is associated with migraines, rheumatic pain and tension. As an anti-spasmodic it will help in the relief of cramps and colic and will also be useful for the cramps and pain of menstruation.

Stress interferes with our ability to think and concentrate on the task at hand. Relax naturally and safely without the potential risks of prescription drugs. Reduce stress and anxiety.

Swedish scientists report stress caused by conflicts at home or work may increase the risk of breast cancer.

A 24-year study of women in Sweden, which began in the late 1960s, has shown that those who reported high levels of stress at the start - including tension, fear, anxiety and sleeplessness - were twice as likely to develop breast cancer as those with low levels of stress.

Valerian is one of the most useful relaxing nervines available. This is recognized by the medical profession as is shown by its inclusion in many pharmacopeias as a sedative. It has been safely used to reduce tension and anxiety, over excitability and hysteria. It is an effective aid in insomnia, producing a natural and restful sleep.

Compounds in the root of one of its major species, Valeriana officinalis, can have a sedating effect on the central nervous system. As a sleep aid, it is often associated with improving sleeplessness induced by nervousness.

Its use in medicine dates to the ancient Greeks; many recent studies have been conducted using double-blind, randomized methods to investigate its validity as a modern alternative to prescription sleep medications.

In a study published in the November 2002 edition of the European Journal of Medical Research, 202 patients with nonorganic insomnia were given either 600 milligrams of valerian or 10 milligrams of oxazepam, a benzodiazepine that is in the family of drugs that includes Xanax. After six weeks, the study found that "valerian was at least as efficacious" as oxazepam, with no serious adverse drug reactions.

In a review of multiple studies published in the April 15, 2003, edition of American Family Physician, co-author Dr. Susan Hadley found that Valerian Root appeared to be a safe herbal choice for mild insomnia and that it was well tolerated, but that more rigorous studies were needed. In particular, Valerian Root appears helpful with sleep latency or the amount of time it takes to fall asleep. Further, she said it doesn't have a hangover effect so that "it can be taken at any time in the night - even when patients wake up at 4 a.m."

Valerian has a long history, wide contemporary use throughout Europe and approval as a sleep aid by the German Commission E, the agency that uses rigorous standards to evaluate botanical herbs.

Say Goodbye to Ritalin?

Experiments in Germany and Italy conducted during the last 17 years, have found that Valerian preparations, in combination with St. John's Wort, are often effective in treating children with psychomotor agitation (hyperactivity) and behavioral disorders. Unlike other medications for hyperactivity, Valerian Root has no side effects, even at rather high doses. In fact, in these children, the preparation enhanced motor coordination and maintained reaction time, while calming anxiety and fears and curbing aggression and restlessness.

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