Uva Ursi - Urinary Cleanser - Bladder Infections

Uva Ursi is an herbal remedy for urinary problems, UTI, Arthritis, Bladder Infections, Diabetes, Kidney Problems

Marco Polo reported that the Chinese physicians were using Uva Ursi as a diuretic, to treat the kidney and urinary problems. The American Indians use it for treating bladder infections, kidney stones, incontinence, sore gums, canker sores and as a mouth wash.

Eleven percent of the US adult population has varying stages of chronic kidney disease, according to researchers from John Hopkins. People with chronic kidney disease are at a high risk of heart attacks and strokes. Low level kidney function is estimated to be present in one out of every five Americans over the age of 65.

Urinary tract and bladder infections are among the most prevalent bacterial infections and can be quite painful. Fifty percent of all women are confronted by these unpleasant infections at some point in their lives. The disorder is an especially severe problem when it becomes chronic - whereby some patients experience symptoms almost continually. The Escherichia coli bacterium is responsible for 80% of these urinary tract infections.

Uva Ursi leaves are high in arbutin and medical herbalists explain that the diuretic action of Uva Ursi comes from arbutin which is absorbed and unchanged and is excreted by the kidneys. Arbutin produces an antiseptic effect of the urinary mucous membrane. Tannic acid is in the leaves and berries of Uva Ursi and this herb helps to balance the pH of urine that is high in acid. It stimulates kidney activity, can be used as a urinary antiseptic for kidney and bladder infections. Avoid if pregnant.

Uva Ursi is a remedy for excessive sugar in the blood and as such is a help in controlling diabetes, especially when used along with HBS (diabetes support formula). It is useful for arthritis and inflammation throughout the body. It is a strong antibiotic against many organisms including Staph and E. Coli. and is useful for bladder infections and UTIs - urinary tract infections.

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