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New State-Of-The-Art Audio Tapes Combine The Power Of The Best Brain Machines With The Finest Subliminal Programming.

First, you read about the exciting breakthrough of subliminal programming in Psychology Today, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and other respected publications. Then came the compelling articles featuring the advent of high-tech brain machines that use specially designed sounds to alter consciousness, eliminate stress, and boost brain power.

But now comes a remarkable new product that fuses both into the most powerful mind tool ever developed. Introducing Subliminal Synchronization,™ where you receive the power of the best brain machines plus the finest in subliminal programming, all on an easy to use audio cassette.

These ultra high-quality subliminal brain tapes combine years of scientific research with state-of-the-art technology to help supercharge your mind for success in almost any area you can imagine including memory improvement, weight loss, high self-esteem, and overall good health.

Here's how Subliminal Synchronization™ works:

Theta Wave Activation™

Prepare to experience what some have called an "euphoric dream state." At the end of a twenty minute session, people report feeling re-energized, free of stress, and supremely confident. In truth, what these people are described is the result of special mind altering sounds that have been designed to stimulate a dramatic increase in theta brain wave output. Why is this important? Because by using EEG monitoring equipment, neuroscientists now know that theta brain waves occur frequently during deep meditative relaxation, profound creative insights, and peak pleasure experiences. An increase in theta brain waves alone would be reason enough to use Subliminal Synchronization tapes, but there's more, much more.

Studies indicate that an increase in theta brain waves opens a direct pathway to your powerful subconscious and therefore, allows for the fastest, most effective method of subconscious reprogramming. While your mind and body relax to the soothing sounds, potent subliminal messages are being directed to specific areas of your brain to help you quickly and easily manifest all the changes in your life that you want and deserve. Whole-Brain Synchronization

Neuroscientists have recently discovered that special music calibrated at a specific beat per second merge the right and left hemispheres of your brain into a cohesive unit. Studies have shown that this synchronization can speed up the learning process two to five times while dramatically increasing the receptivity of your subconscious mind. Side two of every Subliminal Synchronization™ subliminal tape utilizes this special music as the soothing background for the positive subliminal messages. Simply play the tape as you go about your daily activities; you don't even have to pay attention. You'll achieve remarkable results fast!

Accu-Level Programming™

Every Subliminal Synchronization™ program contains only the most carefully worded and tested affirmations so they can be easily understood and acted on by your subconscious mind. The end result is an incredible new process known as Accu-Level Programming™ where the messages are so clear, positive, and precise that your powerful subconscious effortlessly absorbs the thousands of computer embedded subliminal messages to guarantee you fast and permanent results.

Super Low prices!

You've seen other less effective subliminal tape programs offered for as much as $49.95 each. Brain machines using similar sound patterns can cost you up to $1000. But now you can purchase these tapes for only $12.95 each.....a $6.00 saving from the normal retail price of $18.95. For best results, use a headphone or earbuds.

Order Here  Description
[Order]   Total Recall - KX01 $12.95
[Order]   Unlimited Learning - KX02 $12.95
[Order]  Super Intelligence - KX03 $12.95
[Order]  Creative Genius - KX04 $12.95
[Order]   Permanent Weight Loss - KX06 $12.95
[Order]  Stop Smoking Forever - KX06 $12.95
[Order]  Eliminate Procrastination - KX07 $12.95
[Order]  Powerful Immune System - KX08 $12.95
[Order] Positive Self-Image - KX09 $12.95
[Order] Dynamic Self-Confidence - KX10 $12.95
[Order] Money Magnetism - KX11 $12.95
[Order] Healthy and Fit - KX12 $12.95
[Order] Peak Performance - KX13 $12.95
[Order] Reach Any Goal - KX14 $12.95
[Order] Study Better and Faster - KX15 $12.95
[Order] Super Speed Reading - KX16 $12.95
[Order] Laser Concentration - KX17 $12.95
[Order] High Energy and Enthusiasm - KX18 $12.95
[Order] Eliminate Fear and Worry - KX19 $12.95
[Order] Self-Discipline - KX20 $12.95
[Order] Deep Relaxation - KX21 $12.95
[Order] Healing Fast - KX22 $12.95
[Order] Maximum Exercise Results - KX23 $12.95
[Order] Flat Stomach - KX24 $12.95
[Order] Be A Total Winner - KX25 $12.95
[Order] Attract the Opposite Sex - KX26 $12.95
[Order] Intimate Ecstasy - KX27 $12.95
[Order] Sexual Potency - KX28 $12.95
[Order] Personality Dynamics - KX29 $12.95
[Order] Release Psychic Powers - KX30 $12.95
[Order] Lucid Dreaming - KX31 $12.95
[Order] Power Selling - KX32 $12.95
[Order] Total Pain Relief - KX33 $12.95
[Order] Millionaire Mind Set - KX34 $12.95


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