Glyconutrients - Saccharides - Sugars That Heal

Discount Prices - Essential saccahrides sugars or glyconutrients are said to stimulate stem cell production and cellular communication.


The key to proper cellular communication and proper cell function

Glyconutrients - Sugars that Heal

The Greek word "glyco" means "sweet" so "Glyconutrients means "sweet nutrient", or a dietary nutrient composed of special sugars (not to be confused with sugar as we know it). These are special sugars found in certain plants. They are not digested or turned into glucose, but instead go directly to the cell surfaces to form a type of cellular communication system. As cells touch each other, they communicate directly through this "sugar code".

There are eight essential saccharides our bodies need in order for this cellular communication to properly take place. It has been shown that we get only 2 of these 8 saccharides in our diet. These nutrients combine with proteins and fats to create Glycoforms that coat the surface of virtually every cell in our body. Glycoforms function as cellular recognition molecules that communicate the messages a body needs to function in health.

There are approximately 75 trillion cells in the human body. How do they get along? How do they maintain body function? The answer lies in communication and saccharides (GlycoEssentials�) has an important part in the process. From the very beginning of life, cells communicate with each other using these sugars on the surface of the cell, which holds the complex system of the human body together - and keeps out what doesn't belong.

Improper cellular communication can result in a variety of illnesses, such as auto-immune diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, tumors and even cancer.

Famous Doctor Beats Cancer

Taken from the Dallas weekly, February, 2004 - Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr., the world famous director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore has risen to the very top of his medical profession. Three years ago, Time Magazine and CNN named him one of the top twenty doctors in America. In 1987 he was the lead surgeon in the twenty-two hour operation that separated the heads of the Binder Siamese twins from Germany. In the summer of 2002 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and despite three decades of saving lives, he was faced with the staggering possibility of his own death. "It was a shock," said Dr. Carson. "I had been living a healthy lifestyle and getting regular checkups. But I had high grade cancer in a very aggressive form. One of Dr. Carson's patients told him about Glyconutrients. Dr. Carson contacted Dr. Reg McDaniel, an authority on Glyconutrients and medical director of Manna Relief Inc.. Dr McDaniel, who had studied the health benefits of Glyconutrients for two decades, shared his experiences with Dr. Carson.

"The science made sense to me," Dr. Carson said. "God gave us (in plants) what we need to remain healthy," he said. "In today's world our food chain is depleted of nutrients and our environment has helped destroy what God gave us."

Through dietary supplementation, one of the most significant doctors in the history of medicine decided to support his immune system with Glyconutrients. And almost immediately he saw an abatement in his condition. "I had been experiencing some urinary tract problems. The problems went away within four weeks after I started taking the Glyconutrients," he said. "I began to think I did not need to have surgery or any other type of treatment. I seriously considered not having any type of procedure. I thought I could beat the cancer by supporting my body through glyconutritional supplementation."

Dr. Carson said his decision to eventually have a medical procedure resulted in his concern for those people who might neglect traditional medical procedures because they had learned of his personal experience with supplements. "It had gotten out that I had prostate cancer," said the high profile doctor. I knew that other people with my condition might not be as religious about taking the supplements as I had been."

High Profile Canadian Doctor Recovers from Stroke

Dr. Alex Omelchuk, a noted physician and scientist and former chief of staff at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Canada suffered a massive ancurysm in 1987 that left him with pains in his head that was so intense that he thought his head was about to explode. Nightly, for nearly 12 years he had to take hydrocodene to sleep comfortable. "Only ten percent of the people survive the stroke that I experienced." said Dr. Omelchuk. "I was one of the lucky ones."

After recovering from a ten hour surgery, Dr Omelchuk was not able to walk or talk. He was unable to teach or practice medicine and his brain capacity was reduced by 30 percent. "I was told by my physicians that I should accept my condition and that I would have to be on pain medications for the rest of my life." "My constant companions were my wife, Orissa, and my pain," said Dr Omelchuk. "I tried massage, acupuncture, every type of pain pill that I could get a doctor to give me and, in the end, nothing seemed to work. I was hopeless. I was alive but my quality of life was poor." said Dr. Omelchuk.

Dr. Omelchuk was introduced to Glyconutrients during a conversation with a colleague who noticed that he was always fatigued and suggested that they might help him. "I was skeptical," he said. "None of the best physicians in the country were able to help me. I had been told to accept my fate. Yet, we were so desperate so I read everything that I could find about Glyconutrients. My wife suggested that we try them."

Dr. Omelchuk said that four months after he began taking Glyconutrients, the crippling pain disappeared. "For the first time in twelve years I was able to sleep without waking up in the middle of the night," he said. "My thinking was clear and I did not have to take any medication..."

His recovery did not make sense to him. It contravened what his doctors had told him, his own medical training, and everything he had learned and experienced in the more that quarter of a century that he had been a physician. "I read a paper that was written by scientists at the University of Calgary in 1998 that showed brain cell regeneration in laboratory rats. I began to look at other studies. There is research that suggests that stem cells that migrate to the brain undergo a transformation that result in functional brain cells. The brain has the capacity to set up new pathways of communication" he said.

Dr. Omelchuk believes that there is a direct relationship between the regeneration of his brain cells and the glyconutritionals that he used. "Medical researchers told me after my stroke that I had lost thirty percent of brain capacity," he said. "I had myself tested after taking the supplements and was told that all my mental faculties were normal. My verbal capacity is in the 97th percentile. I have my life back. Glyconutritionals are responsible for my recovery and for the quality of life that I am able to share with my wife today."

Dr. Reg McDaniel former chief of staff at the Dallas/ Fort Worth Medical Center

"Over the years I have been astounded with the improvements in the health conditions of people, especially children, who have taken Glyconutrients." said Dr. McDaniel, who also serves as the medical director of the Fisher Institute for Medical Research in Grand Prairie Texas. "I have seen quality of life improvements in people with diabetes, HIV-AIDS, heart disease, asthma, autism, allergies, Downs syndrome and a number of other conditions. Many of these people saw little or no improvements through the use of prescription drugs."

Dr. McDaniel said there have been amazing discoveries in glyconutritional research. "One study showed that people who added glyconutrients to their diets developed stem cells from their own bone marrow that resulted in the migration of the cells into damaged organs. Medical scientists concluded that these new cells replaced damaged or diseased ones." "There is overwhelming evidence that suggests that the human body is capable of healing itself from almost any malady," Dr. McDaniel said. "I have been in medicine for more than 40 years and I have never been as optimistic as I am today that we will meet the needs of tens of millions of people who lead desperate lives due to chronic illnesses."

The efficacy of Glyconutrients has been established by the world's leading scientists and researchers as the key to proper cellular communication and proper cell function. Many business analysts and healthcare professionals believe this medical breakthrough in glycoscience will lead to Glyconutrients becoming a household word.

Stem Cells

Stem cells are produced in the bone marrow and travel throughout the body repairing damaged tissue. Numerous reports from around the world of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and stroke suffers making remarkable recoveries. Diabetics were producing insulin again and transplant recipients no longer needed anti-rejection drugs. All were taking Glyconutrients as reported by Fisher Institute for Medical Research. "When they measured before and after stem cell counts in the blood, virtually none were detected prior to consuming Glyconutrients. Within a week of consuming Glyconutrients, trillions of stem cells can be found. This is amazing since to date there has never been a product that stimulates stem cell production.

Dr. Emil Mondoa MD wrote a book titled Sugars That Heal. In that book Dr. Mondoa states "Even tiny amounts of these sugars - or lack of them have a profound effect. In test after test conducted at leading institutes around the world, these saccharides have been shown to lower cholesterol, decrease body fat, accelerate wound healing, ease allergy symptoms and allay autoimmune diseases such as Arthritis, Psoriasis, MS, and diabetes. Bacterial infections including recurrent ear infections in toddlers, often respond remarkably to saccharides, as do many viruses from Herpes to HIV. The debilitating symptoms of Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia frequently abate after adding these sugars. And for cancer patients, saccharides mitigate the toxic effects of radiation and chemotherapy while increasing their cancer killing effects, resulting in prolonged survival and improved quality of life."

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