Menopause Relief

Natural remedies for relief of menopause symptoms

Menopause is a time of transition between menstruation and no more periods. Menopausal symptoms are due to hormone fluctuations that can last for a couple of years. As in most transitions, it helps to have a positive attitude and view this as a brief journey leading to more freedom and wisdom.

We offer products that can provide symptom relief for vaginal dryness, hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings. It is helpful to take a good high potency vitamin daily plus vitamins D and E. Use olive oil in your cooking and drink a glass of red wine every evening. Consider taking fish oil capsules.

Two studies released in April 2007 suggest that going off hormone therapy significantly reduces a woman's chances of developing ovarian cancer as well as breast cancer.

Menopause Relief

Indications for Use: For fast relief of discomforts associated with menopause: hot flashes, sweats, chills, clammy skin, heat in the head, headaches, hot feet, mood swings, anxiety, sensitivity and wanting to be alone.

Menopause Relief Ingredients:
Amyl Nitrosum ?Calcarea Carbonica ?Caulophyllum Thalictroides ?Cimicifuga Racemosa ?Ferrum Metallicum ?Gelsemium Sempervirens ?Lachesis Mutus ?Pulsatilla ?Sanguinaria Canadensis ?Sepia ?Sulphur ?Sulphuricum Acidum. Each ingredient is in equal volumes of 10x, 30x, and 100x potencies in a pure water base.

10-206 Menopause Relief 2 fl oz spray pump $18.95

Change of Life (COL)

Dong Quai - Effectively aids in nourishing the uterus and female glands and assists with internal bleeding as well as blood clots, PMS, menopause, cramps, blood purification, breast abbesses, nervousness, blood tumors and regulating metabolism. If taken regularly, it assists in preventing prolapsed uterus.

Eleuthro - It is not as overpowering as the other ginsengs can be. It assists with circulation and is a tonic to the entire body. It is helpful with anemia, age spots, child birth, bleeding, depression, stress, menopause, menstruation, radiation protection, helps increase concentration and assists as a mild sexual stimulant.

Black Cohosh - Effective and safe in assisting in stimulating natural estrogen that is beneficial during menopause. It aids in balancing hormones and in the last weeks of pregnancy, it helps strengthen and stimulate uterine contractions. A relaxing herb, it assists blood circulation, asthma, high blood pressure, epilepsy, lungs, uterine problems, insect bites, and of course, hot flashes.

Ingredients: Dong Quai, Eleuthro, Black Cohosh. Take two capsules three times daily, preferably with meals.

46-0 C.O.L. 620mg 100 capsules $14.95


Maca has found its way to the USA where many thousands of women are using it because of its unique ability to improve libido and stop hot flashes, night sweats and fatigue.

It is important to remember that Maca does not itself contain any hormones, but its action on the body jolts the pituitary gland into producing the precursor hormones which ultimately end up raising estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels, as well as helping to balance the adrenal glands, the thyroid and the pancreas. This occurs naturally while increasing energy.

Femhealth's Maca is 700 mg of pure 4:1 (Concentrate Extract) maca root. It works by raising estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels as well as helping the adrenal glands to balance the thyroid and pancreas.

43-6 MACA POWER 700 mg 4:1 (Concentrate Extract) 90 capsules $24.95

Vaginal Lubricant

Love Salve helps vaginal dryness.

Love Salve contains herbs that stimulate circulation to the pelvic parts of the body and are known for their aphrodisiac effect. Love Salve has a distinctively positive effect on sensitive male and female tissue and enhances the libido.

Love Salve produces an invigorating topical sensation, possesses a non-waxy and non-sticky lubricant quality (great for post-menopausal dryness), also possesses antibacterial and anti-fungal properties to reduce yeast imbalances and candida.

Contains: A super-oil-infusion of yohimbe, pau d’arco, prickly ash bark, and a aromaceutical blend of bergamont, geranium, peppermint and sandalwood oil in a proprietary organic olive oil/beeswax base. Peppermint oil has a gentle stimulating effect.

Prickly Ash Bark (Zanthozylum americanum) This circulatory stimulant herb brings blood to the surface without irritating sensitive tissue.

Pau d'Arco is used to reduce yeast imbalances and is a natural antibiotic. Topical use has been known to reduce candida in vaginal tissue.

Yohimbe (Pausinystalia yohimbe) This African herb works as a specific peripheral circulatory stimulant for the pelvic region and functions as an aphrodisiac.

7-29 Love (Desire) Salve 1 oz $14.95

Clary Sage

Clary Sage is the ultimate women's oil for pregnancy child birth and labor, difficult menstruation, PMS and menopause hot flashes - a hormone balancer par excellence. It acts as a uterine tonic, encourages labor and stimulates contractions. This oil is a woman's friend for life.

Native to the north Mediterranean coast, Clary Sage was used by the Greeks and Romans for its euphoric, sensual and aphrodisiac qualities.

It relieves stress and tension and sore muscles and is said to promote pleasant dreams and enhance dream recall.

Clary Sage oil has a reputation for helping aging, dry skin and wrinkles by improving cell regeneration and preventing hair loss.

People are beginning to realize that they can get rid of their physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual ills through the use of aromatic essential oils.

Essential aromatherapy oils can be diluted in carrier oils for use in massage. When massaged into the skin (essential oils should be diluted - with the exception of Lavender and Tea Tree).

Essential oils are metabolized by the body like any other nutrients. Certain components within the oils will stimulate the immune system, destroy bacteria, act as powerful antioxidants and building blocks to improve nutrient absorption. It takes up to 20 minutes for the oils to be absorbed by the body, where they remain for 7 hours or more, before being excreted.

Smell plays an important role in the process. Differing aromatic rings are contained with essential oils. When we smell these, the odor is transferred into a nerve message. The message is sent to different parts of the brain where the process of stimulating different hormones is undertaken.

Use aromatherapy oils anywhere you want to add a touch of scent.

Clary Sage oil mixes well with most other essential oils. Soak a cotton ball with this oil and keep near your pillow.

Add 5 drops to your bath water.

Enhance your beauty products - combine 3 to 6 drops into your shampoo, conditioner, face cream or body lotion.

We use only 100% Pure Grade A Essential Oils.

30-15 Clary Sage 15ml (1/2oz) $18.95

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When symptoms flare, women can also try taking 800 to 1200 IU of Vitamin E. Also, avoid central nervous system depressants or stimulants such as nicotine, caffeine, drugs or alcohol.


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