Marshmallow Root for Asthma Inflammation & Bronchitis

Marshmallow root strengthens mucous membranes and the respiratory system,
eases gastrointestinal irritation, reduces certain kinds of inflammation and helps the kidneys and bladder.

Marshmallow Root is a very soothing herb for any inflamed or sore part of the body. Mixing it with Aloe, it can be applied to any part of the body, including open wounds. It cleanses and detoxifies impurities, as well as helps heal.

Simply open a few capsules, mix and apply. It is effective as a soothing agent in cases of diarrhea (as is Slippery Elm), it is rich in plant calcium and a helper for the lungs, digestive tract and bowel.

Marshmallow Root is useful in soothing inflammation and irritation of the alimentary canal, urinary and respiratory tract, kidney stones, bed wetting, bladder, urinary bleeding, bronchial infections - bronchitis add Goldenseal & Echinacea combination, asthma, boils, gastro-intestinal tract, for increasing and enriching breast milk. Marshmallow is very high in safe plant Vitamin A.

Marshmallow is also helpful with kidney problems, nervous conditions, infected wounds, whooping cough, and pneumonia, especially when taken with Echinacea or Golden Seal & Echinacea blend.

In the Bible it is referred to as "Mallow" and was used in time of famine (Job 30:3-4). Marshmallow is much easier to take today in capsule form. Try three or four at a time in 2 or 4 divided doses with room temperature water and see the results. And don't forget to use it as a poultice for wound healing.

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