Hair Skin Nails Herbal Beauty Formula

Stop hair loss - this herbal hair formula works wonders to keep your hair, skin and nails beautiful, prevent split ends and brittle nails.

Our Femhealth Beauty Formula consists of the herbs: horsetail, dulse, sage and rosemary.

Hair, Skin and Nails all consist of a fibrous protein known as keratin. Keratin production is hormonally controlled, which is why hormonal disorders can show up in nail growth patterns and is also one reason for hair loss at certain hormone-shifting times of our life.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and requires special attention. Like the liver and the kidneys, the skin functions to eliminate toxins from the body, which it does through sweating. Anything that blocks the skin pores from breathing can cause infections and skin disorders. Hair has its own nutritional requirements and is directly connected to all of our body’s functions.

  • HORSETAIL - This herb contains generous amounts of silica, known to strengthen the hair, preventing split ends and maintaining shiny, youthful looking hair. The silica in horsetail helps to grow beautiful nails that stay flexible and don't become brittle and break off. Fractured bones heal faster when horsetail is used. Horsetail helps hold good calcium in the body and has been found to be good for eyes, ear, nose, and the throat. It also helps to decrease bleeding and is good for the pancreas and the glandular system. Many have used horsetail for hair loss, weak and brittle nails, and skin problems. By enabling proper formation of collagen under our skin, silica prevents wrinkling.

  • DULSE - This is a natural source of minerals which is very helpful to the hair, skin and fingernails. Dulse has many similar benefits as KELP, such as, goiter, hair loss, infection, menopause, overweight, morning sickness, pituitary gland, pregnancy, radiation poisoning, low thyroid and tumors.

  • SAGE - It is well known as a spice, but not many know of its health benefits such as treating baldness; it helps protect hair and acts as a tonic. Sage is also of much help with stomach troubles, as it is for mental exhaustion and helping the ability to concentrate. Helps to decrease perspiration, coughs, fevers, some nervous conditions, night sweats, sores, voice loss and worms.
New research has proved that sage can improve memory, confirming centuries-old theories. British scientists have carried out the first clinical trials with healthy, young adults and found that those who had taken sage oil capsules performed significantly better in a word recall test.

The team, from the Medicinal Plant Research Centre (MPRC) at the Universities of Newcastle and Northumbria, have provided scientific evidence for claims dating back centuries.

They studied texts by well-known herbalists such as John Gerard, who wrote about sage in 1597, saying that 'It is singularly good for the head and brain and quickeneth the nerves and memory", and Nicholas Culpeper, whose 1652 text says "It also heals the memory, warming and quickening the senses".

ROSEMARY - This herb has been used in combination with others to help strengthen the memory, treat headaches, stomach problems, heart tonic, bad breath, and colds. In this combination it is very helpful for hair conditions and hair loss. Rosemary not only has a stimulating effect, but also results in forming an outstanding hair and scalp conditioning product.

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