Goldenseal Herb

Berbine, an alkaloid present in the herb goldenseal, acts as a wide spectrum antibiotic for Colds and Flu, UTI, Ear Infections, Inflammation.

Goldenseal is one of the most wonderful remedies in the entire herb kingdom. It ranks along with Capsicum as one of herbal medicine's most important remedies. It is nature's antibiotic, and will stop infection and kill poisons in the body. It will reduce swelling and stop internal bleeding. It is one of the most effective healing herbs, and will heal mucous membrane anywhere in the body.

The herb Goldenseal can be used as a substitute for Quinine with none of the after effects, is a most excellent remedy for colds, flu, and all kinds of stomach and liver troubles. It is a powerful tonic for disorders of assimilation and will aid digestion.

Goldenseal is valuable in all catarrhal conditions, whether of the throat, nasal passages, bronchial tubes, intestines, stomach, bladder, or wherever there is a lining of mucous membrane.

It is particularly effective as a uterine hemostatic, UTI urinary tract infection, and is one of the very few agents that will tone and sustain venous circulation. It has been considered a cure-all type herb and is a natural source of insulin. It is also helpful for periodontal disease.

The active ingredients in Goldenseal are the alkaloids hydrastine and berberine. They destroy many types of bacterial and viral infections. These alkaloids also reduce gastric inflammation and relieve congestion. Berberine aids digestion and has a sedative action on the central nervous system.

Research shows berberine extract from the herb goldenseal may inhibit bacterial diarrhea caused by Vibrio cholera and Escherichia coli. Berberine has been shown to directly inhibit some cholera and E. coli enterotoxins, to decrease intestinal smooth muscle contraction, and therefore lower motility and delay transit time.

Berberine extracts have demonstrated growth inhibition of the parasites Giardia lamblia, Entamoeba histolytica, Trichomonas vaginalis, and Leishmania donovani. Clinical trials show berberine therapy improves GI symptoms in patients suffering from Giardia.

Goldenseal works wonders in combination with Echinacea, particularly at the onset of cold and flu symptoms, especially coughs and sore throats. Goldenseal, Echinacea and Zinc lozenges should be in every medicine cabinet.

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