Green Food Smoothie Blend

Green Food Smoothie Mix with spirulina bee pollen barley green chlorella - Food for Life

This powerful, good tasting Green Food Energy Blend for smoothies is also known as super food, because of its nutritional value, the positive effect it has on the immune system and the natural sense of well-being that is experienced.

Green Food products from Femhealth are very popular for vegetarian and vegan diets to help insure adequate vitamins and minerals.

Food For Life contains no fillers or additives, simply 100% of the pure product is used. This all natural, high energy food powder is great to add to milk shakes and smoothies. It helps with endurance and weight loss.

When Spirulina was first introduced it was touted as the greatest food supplement on the market. It is still called a miracle food. Spirulina is a one (single) cell form of algae, that actually multiplies in warm, alkaline fresh water. It is one of the cleanest, most naturally sterile foods in nature. It is the highest source of Beta-Carotene, B 12 and GLA - Gamma Linolenic Acid. Spirulina contains all essential amino acids, more Beta-Carotene than carrots, more B12 (250%) than liver, contains 26 times the calcium of milk. Spirulina has a very long shelf life, balanced RNA/DNA, a complete protein and contains all the B complex vitamins, is high in natural chlorophyll and iron. One of its finest benefits is that it can balance the electrical system in the body, which must be in balance in order for us to start healing when we take other natural supplements. Those of us that have serious health concerns can benefit from this because we have a hard time feeling better and healing when our polarity is switched - reverse polarity - much like switching the cables to your car battery.

Other Benefits:
� Blood builder
� Blood Cleanser
� Chronic health problems
� Superior food supplement
� Tonic
� Weight reduction

Barley Green Juice Powder (Contains the concentrate of the whole plant):
Barley dates back to the Egyptians and Greeks. They called it sacred grain. Barley is soothing, strengthening and easy to assimilate in the body. Barley grass powder is high in S.O.D. a free radical scavenger. High in natural minerals especially Calcium, B1 and B12. Barley is an excellent blood builder and promotes tissue rebuilding and is also known as an anti aging food. It is especially helpful to the stomach, ulcers and hemorrhoids. Barley juice powder helps rid the body of heavy metals, such as, mercury and lead.

Benefits of Barley Green:
� Anemia
� Arthritis
� Blood Purifier
� Cancer
� Excessive Appetite
� Fevers
� Liver Spots
� Metal Poisoning
� Muscular Dysfunctions
� Polyps - stimulating Immune System

Bee Pollen
Bee Pollen used along with Spirulina corrects polarity. It is also a complete food that is good for the entire body. Bee pollen is a fine blood builder especially helping the body recover from an illness. It can be an effective antidote during allergy season. It also helps with respiratory problems. In large doses Bee Pollen can help with asthma (taking additional capsules with each meal or 1 teaspoon powder). Bee Pollen is helpful in balancing the endocrine system, and help with menstrual and prostate problems. Bee Pollen is also known as an anti aging food, increasing mental clarity. Other benefits include:
�Allergies � Capillary weakness � Energy � Endurance � Fatigue � Hay Fever � Immune System � Longevity � Multiple Sclerosis � Pregnancy

When taking extra Bee Pollen in addition to what is in this formula, always start out with a small dose, i.e., 1 capsule, increasing each few days to prevent cleansing that can occur. The amount used in this formula should present no problems.

More research has been conducted on the helping properties of Chlorella than any natural product. It is somewhat similar to Spirulina in its effect on the body. Chlorella is a white cell algae with the cell wall broken down so as to be properly utilized in the body. It contains more chlorophyll of any known plant. Studies show chlorella to be effective in relieving of some cancers. It is an effective product in treatment epstein-barr and some viruses and pancreitis. In Asia it is used to treat cancerous growths. Chlorella contains all the B vitamins, many minerals, Vitamin E and C. It is very effective in providing natural energy and a protection against the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Chlorella contains a controlled growth factor helping also with:
� Allergies
� Arthritis
� High blood pressure
� High cholesterol
� Gastritis
� Liver toxins
� Skin toxins
� Ulcers
� Weight loss

Suggested Usage for Smoothie Blend:

Shake or stir 2 tablespoons of powder in one cup juice or water. For a meal in a glass blend with 1 cup of apple juice and/or a banana, and ice to cool.

FH-46-8 Food For Life Powder 10oz $29.95
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