Liquid Collagen Weight Loss Formula Lose Weight While You Sleep

Liquid Collagen is a weight loss formula designed to help you lose weight safely without the use of harmful stimulants.

Taken at bedtime on an empty stomach, this potent blend of nutrients will help you lose weight and build lean muscle while you sleep.

Stimulant free EZ-CURVE safely supports the building of healthy muscle tissue, which in turn promoted efficient fat burning.

The great tasting one-ounce-a-day formula is packed with Collagen, Protein, Aloe Vera, Vitamin B-6 and other nutrients to attack your excess fat. Take only 1 ounce at bedtime.

EZ-CURVE does NOT contain the stimulants Ephedra (Ma Huang), Kola Nut, Guarana and Caffeine that are often found in weight loss formulas.

Key Benefits:

  • Increases loss of inches and fat

  • Maintains lean muscle development

  • Boosts energy and stamina

  • Supports appetite suppression

  • Promotes deeper sleep

Being moderately overweight increases the risk of high blood pressure, especially before the age of 55, by 30 to 90 percent. Medications to control blood pressure can be costly and can adversely affect people�s quality of life, ie. impotence.

Being moderately overweight increases the risk of diabetes more than three-fold � making overweight a more significant risk factor for diabetes than lack of exercise.

Being moderately overweight also increases a person�s overall cancer risk.

In the coming decades, the average American life span is expected to drop by as much as five years!

That's right--for the first time, the average life span is due to drop, and obesity is a major culprit. This will play out, unless the nation works aggressively to slow the rate of obesity, say researchers supported by the National Institute on Aging.

44-5 EZ Curve Night Time Weight Loss System 32 fl. oz. $28.95

877-493-5987 U.S. Toll Free Order Line 9-6 Eastern

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