Australian Eucalyptus Oil

Discount undiluted eucalyptus oil is great for sinus, colds, arthritis, massage, asthma, deodorizing, flea repellent, insect bites, sinusitis, hot tub antiseptic & maintenance.

What is Eucalyptus Oil?
Oil distilled from eucalyptus leaves.


Undiluted eucalyptus oil is a penetrating oil that evaporates rapidly and can be used to remove sticky substances such as grease, tar or glue. It has antiseptic, medicinal, deodorizing and insect repelling properties. It also has a lovely invigorating fragrance.

Australians use eucalyptus oil for healing wounds, fighting infections and to help relieve muscle aches and pains. Indians use eucalyptus oil to help rid fevers and control contagious diseases and Americans use it in vapor rubs and many other chest and cold products.


Poor hot tub maintenance can create a perfect environment for the spread of the bacteria that cause skin rashes and respiratory infections. There were 13 reported outbreaks linked to hot tubs between 1999 and 2000, affecting 183 people.

U.S. health officials, however, estimate the real figure for such skin and respiratory illnesses is much higher.

�We suspect this is only the tip of the iceberg,� said Mike Beach, a CDC epidemiologist and one of the researchers of the study. �A lot of these outbreaks occur and just never get reported.�

Beach noted that much of the risk of getting sick in a hot tub, whirlpool or spa could be eliminated if owners ensured that they and their staff were properly trained in the use of disinfectant and other basic maintenance.

There are an estimated 5 million hot tubs, whirlpools and spas in public and private use in the nation. Eucalyptus Oil is a perfect antiseptic agent for use in hot tubs.


To remove sticky substances - glue from price stickers on almost any item, rub in with a cloth. Add a couple of drops to your floor washing water or laundry for a nice fragrance. Add to steaming water to clear sinuses, or massage on sore muscles or aching joints due to exercise or arthritis. Rub on to ankles and wrists to repel insects. For an effective flea repellent, soak pet collars in eucalyptus oil and allow to dry until just damp before putting it back on.


At first sign of discomfort, sprinkle a few drops of Genuine Australian Eucalyptus Oil on a cloth or tissue and breathe in through the mouth, exhaling through the nose. Do this for 30 seconds. Children over 6 and older, inhale three times. Immediate relief is obtained using our Respiratory Steam Inhaler.

The tannins found in eucalyptus have astringent properties that reduce mucous membrane inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. Eucalyptol, the chemical component of the oil, works to loosen phlegm. Earaches can also be treated with eucalyptus. When inhaled, the eucalyptus fumes open the eustachian tubes, draining fluids and relieving pressure. Eucalyptus enhances breathing, which makes it an effective remedy for asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, whooping cough, and colds.


Muscular aches and pains: You will obtain soothing relief from the muscular aches and pains of arthritis, rheumatism, sprained tendons and ligaments, strained, bruised, stiff and sore muscles by gently massaging Genuine Australian Eucalyptus Oil on affected areas until a warm glow is felt. Repeat at intervals until the pain or swelling disappears. Eucalyptus Oil helps relieve arthritis pain and muscle aches. Rubbed onto the skin, eucalyptus oil stimulates blood flow and generates the sensation of warmth. (Note: Either use eucalyptus oil full strength or dilute it with a carrier oil). Eucalyptus Oil helps to soothe the underlying pain and discomfort, making it very helpful for those suffering from arthritis or muscle aches.


  • Head Colds and Flu: You will get great relief from the following treatment. Put 15 to 20 drops of Eucalyptus Oil in a bowl of steaming hot water and inhale, covering your head with a towel. To make it easier to breathe, sprinkle a few drops on your handkerchief. Immediate relief will be obtained using our Respiratory Steam Inhaler.

  • Children's Colds: Gently massage child's chest and back. For very young children or infants, mix the eucalyptus oil with an equal part of olive oil or baby oil.


  • Insect Bites: You can get quick relief from the pain of insect bites by applying Genuine Australian Eucalyptus Oil or Spray on to sore and swollen areas. Repeat if necessary. For spray, mix 1/4 oil with 3/4 water. This also works as an insect repellant for both you and your pets.

  • Mouthwash: For a refreshing mouthwash place two drops of oil on toothpaste when brushing teeth or add a few drops of oil to a glass of water and gargle. For gum disease, put a couple drops on your finger and massage gums.

  • Training Oil: A warming soothing liniment that helps get muscles loosened and ready to go. Massage Genuine Australian Eucalyptus Oil on to muscles until a warm glow is felt. If desired, mix oil with olive or baby oil.

  • Spot and Stain Remover: You will find it easy to remove oil, soluble grease and grass marks, spots and stains from clothes carpets and fabric with a cloth moistened with Genuine Australian Eucalyptus oil. Where possible, put an absorbent cloth under the stained area. By brushing towards the center of the stain you will prevent the formation of a ring. You can quickly remove chewing gum, paint and ballpoint ink marks from clothes, shoes, etc. Our Eucalyptus Oil is harmless to material and it does not stain or smear.

  • Carpet Cleaner: Stains and grease marks are easy to get out of carpets with Eucalyptus Spray. Just spray the spots and stains and wipe them away with a clean absorbent cloth. Your carpet stays dry and ready for use.

  • Vinyl, Wood or Tile Floors: Add a teaspoon of Eucalyptus Oil to the water when washing floors. It's great for cleaning and deodorizing.

  • Sauna or Hot Tub: Give your sauna a fresh, clean, country smell by adding some Genuine Australian Eucalyptus Oil to the water for splashing on hot stones or around sauna. You will find it helps clear your head and makes breathing easier. Adding one or two teaspoons of Eucalyptus Oil to bath water is very invigorating and gives a feeling of well-being. A teaspoon of oil in a foot bath gives excellent relief.

  • Dog Wash: Many users have reported that a little eucalyptus oil added to water when washing a dog is a highly effective method of getting rid of fleas. Other dog owners have reported Eucalyptus Spray is excellent for freshening and deodorizing pet quarters.

  • Washing Clothes, especially work clothes and diapers: Clean and freshen by adding a teaspoonful or two of Genuine Australian Eucalyptus Oil to each load of laundry. Ideal for overalls, sportswear, socks and diapers.

  • Garden Spray Recipe: Eucalyptus Garden Spray has become very popular with gardeners because it is safe, natural and non-residual. You can mix your own spray by using the easy-to-make formula set out below:
    Genuine Australian Eucalyptus Oil (1 teaspoonful); Dishwashing Detergent (any brand)(1 to 2 squirts); Water (2 to 3 cups).
    � Spray around seedlings and at the base of plants. Repeat as necessary.
    � Do not store made up spray. Thoroughly wash sprayer after use.

  • Genuine Australian Eucalyptus Oil is the World's most powerful because it is double distilled. Medicinal eucalyptus oil must be a minimum of 70% cineole content, the active medicinal ingredient. Genuine Australian Eucalyptus Oil is rated at 80-88% cineole. Because of its strength and purity, it will relieve the symptoms of sinus, asthma, colds, sore throat and other respiratory problems. It soothes and penetrates the skin to bring quick relief to arthritic and rheumatic sufferers. Because of it's germicidal value (the strongest natural germicide known), it is a powerful disinfectant for burns, cuts and abrasions. It is effective when used for cold sores and other skin irritations. Why not order some today?

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