Coolzyme Digestive Aid

Digestive enzymes are proteins specially tailored to break down foods into nutrients that your body can then readily digest.

Enzymes...Health's Missing Link:
Neither Vitamins, Minerals, or Proteins
Can Do Any Work Without Enzymes.
Enzymes are complex biochemical substances which regulate and govern the behavior and function of all living matter.

Every biochemical action that takes place in nature is caused by a specific enzyme. Fruit ripening, seeds sprouting, and trees growing are all examples of enzyme activity. Enzymes are delicate lifelike substances that can be found in all living cells. While enzymes are not easily seen, their presence and strength can be determined by activity testing.

What enzymes do:

Enzymes could be called nature's workers. In our body, metabolic enzymes build bones, repair tissue, eliminate carbon dioxide from the lungs, and are responsible for the healthful functioning of all metabolism. Muscle movement, sight, hearing, and breathing are all examples of metabolic enzyme activity. While many hundreds of enzymes have been isolated, it has been estimated that there may be anywhere from hundreds of thousand to hundreds of millions of different enzymes. Without enzymes, life would be impossible. Neither vitamins, minerals, or proteins can do any work without enzymes.

Digestive Enzymes

All foods as nature produces them, either from the ground, orchard, or field, even food from animal sources, contain naturally associated food enzymes. Foods in their natural raw state contain the very enzymes that we need to digest them. A food with primarily protein and fat will contain protease and lipase enzymes. A food that contains carbohydrate will have amylase enzymes. Foods containing a lot of calories contain higher concentrations of food enzymes than a food with lesser calories.

Unfortunately, food enzymes are destroyed in all canned or pasteurized foods as well as in foods cooked, steamed, baked, roasted, broiled, fried, or boiled. The death point of enzymes is like that of all living things at 120 - 160 degrees F.

73-7 Coolzyme Enzymes 100 capsules $19.95

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