Colloidal Trace Mineral Formula

Trace minerals are the catalysts for all the vitamins and other nutrients your body uses for developing and maintaining good health.

Each tablespoon of Colloidal Trace Minerals contains: 12mg calcium, 6 mg magnesium, 7 mcg chromium, .01 mcg manganese, .01 mcg silver, 4 mg silica, .01 mcg molybdenum, .01 mcg lititum, 6 mg potassium, 0.002 mcg selenium, 0.005 mcg copper, 0.003 mcg iodine, 0.025 mcg vanadium and 0.15 mcg zinc all in their natural colloidal state. Suspended in de-ionized pure water without the use of chemicals.

The minerals are made from fossilized minerals that started out as plants. They are cleaned, crushed and then cleaned again. The soluble salts are then naturally extracted and filtered. The utilization of these minerals in this form is far more complete than taking them in pill form, where depending on your digestion could mean up to 70% loss of minerals.

Where there is a deficiency in major minerals such as calcium and potassium, it is recommended to continue taking them along with the Colloidal Trace Minerals. Calcium and magnesium tablets are important to supplement in the diet, especially females that are pregnant, have had children or in menopause and after to help prevent Osteoporosis (Bone Loss). Men in their 40's and older usually need extra calcium and magnesium.

The best type to use is a special combination that contains hydroxyapatite. Extra potassium is an important mineral that may be taken in addition to the Colloidal Trace Minerals. Other benefits could be to help keep the heart rhythm normal, aiding in regulating the body's water balance. Helps treat diarrhea, hypoglycemia, mental and physical stress.

The main use of Colloidal Trace Minerals is to help to balance the body and assist the Immune System. Results could be a better sense of well being, less pain and more energy.


  • CHROMIUM: Helps prevent diabetes, arteriosclerosis, and high blood pressure.

  • MANGANESE: Helps to promote proper development and function of the central nervous system, thyroid, skeletal and reproductive system.

  • SILVER: New research on colloidal silver combined with information dating back to the turn of the century shows many benefits. Such benefits include a natural broad spectrum antibiotic killing perhaps a half-dozen different disease causing organisms (germs, fungi and some viruses) and works wonders when drops are used in the eyes for pink eye and other eye problems. To receive the best results one should use extra colloidal silver in addition to the Colloidal Trace Minerals.

  • SILICA: Helpful for hair, skin and nails. If Hair is weak and thin or if nails are soft with ridges, silica could be of help especially when mixed with other minerals.

  • MOLYBDENUM: Helps to convert food into usable energy and helps prevent anemia.

  • LITHIUM: Helps with better mental health, depression and certain types of headaches.

  • SELENIUM: Helps Vitamin E work better, while helping the heart and slows down aging process. Helps treat and prevent dandruff. Helps to maintain elasticity in tissues, reduces cancer risk.

  • COPPER: Helps make proper use of iron and Vitamin C, while it helps anemia and edema.

  • IODINE: Helps prevent goiter and hypo-thyroid (under active thyroid). Iodine also helps with growth and boosts energy while helping the system burn excess fat. It helps with mental alertness and promotes healthy hair, nails and teeth.

  • VANADIUM: Helps prevent heart attack and cuts down some formation of cholesterol in blood vessels.

  • ZINC: Helps prevent prostate problems, helps restore sense of taste, controls cholesterol deposits. Helps healing wounds and infertility.

Minerals are necessary to regulate body functions. Vitamins need the minerals in order to be used in the body. The minerals are the "spark plug" that cause Vitamins to work. A multiple vitamin and mineral supplement could be lacking the proper mix and quantity of minerals. Read the label. Does it show chelated minerals? Does it contain natural enzymes to help the break down and digestion of the product?

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