Colloidal Chromium for Diabetes and High Cholesterol

Chromium is beneficial for people with diabetes and high cholesterol.

Colloidal Chromium contains Hydroxy Chromium Citrate Complex, suspended in pure De Ionized water without the use of chemicals. This all natural chromium product is easy and fast for the body to utilize without waste. As in all colloidals, a little goes a long way. Because it is involved in the metabolism of glucose, chromium (glucose tolerance factor or GTF) in needed for energy.

Chromium has demonstrated the ability to lower total and LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels and raise HDL ("good") cholesterol levels in the blood, particularly in people with high cholesterol.

Chromium supplementation helps in reducing the risk of early onset of coronary heart disease by reducing the associated coronary risk complications.” In addition, an analysis of the relationship of chromium and heart disease in over 30,000 men by Dr. Eric B. Rimm of the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that chromium status is strongly associated with the risk of coronary heart disease, especially among overweight men.

American and Chinese researchers presented a study in San Francisco that shows the beneficial effects of chromium supplementation in the treatment of type II (non-insulin dependent) diabetes. Chromium enhances the effectiveness of insulin, a hormone necessary for the processing of glucose. Chromium effects on insulin also leads to stimulating amino acid up-take, accelerating protein synthesis and retarding protein breakdown.

Supplemental chromium seems to reduce blood glucose levels. High levels of glucose and problems with insulin activity cause glycation, a process by which damages vital proteins in the body. This protein damage is the principal reason that diabetics have a lower life expectancy than normal.

Restricting calorie intake by about one-third helps increase the life span. In every species tested, calorie restriction has produced a significant increase in life span. The effectiveness of calorie-restriction is due to the lower blood glucose levels created by the reduction of calories. This results in less protein damage. Researchers using chromium believe that the increase longevity is due to its effects on reducing protein damage caused by poor glucose and insulin metabolism.

A double-blind study of 180 adults with type II diabetes was performed. Three groups received either a placebo, 100 mcgs. or 500 mcgs of chromium administered twice daily. Results are positive in fasting glucose levels and two hour meal tolerance glucose levels.

Daily chromium supplements may be useful for future avoidance of the disease for people with a family history of diabetes. A study of individuals who took two tablespoons of brewer's yeast each day showed a significant drop in their blood-cholesterol levels. The average drop in cholesterol was ten percent. The brewer's yeast even lowered the cholesterol levels of the participants with normal cholesterol readings. In other studies fifty percent of participants showed significant increases in HDL levels.

Chromium is also efficacious for reactive hypoglycemia. Researchers at the United States Department of Agriculture treated hypoglycemic patients with 200 mcgs of chromium for three months in a double-blind study. Patients with hypoglycemia show remarkable results. Chromium allows insulin to work to its fullest extent. Insulin enables your body to deal with sugars and other carbohydrates. Insulin also facilitates the entry of amino acid building blocks into muscle cells, where they become muscle proteins. Since chromium assists in your insulin metabolism, more amino acids get inside the cells creating more muscle mass.

There is scientific evidence that chromium can accelerate fat loss without compromising your lean tissues. One consideration dieters should remember is that muscle weighs more than fat tissues. You may look leaner and firmer. You may have lost inches and you may wear a smaller clothing size. The scale could possibly show a minimal weight loss in numbers. Nevertheless, the results are healthier.

Since chromium’s main function is to regulate sugar metabolism, it has been shown to reduce cravings for sugar and other refined carbohydrates which can also assist in weight loss. Other effects that an increase in chromium levels can have are energy response to exercise, mood swings, stress responses, stability of RNA and DNA and effects on memory. The reason many western people need supplemental chromium is the amount of soluble sugar in our diets. Americans average about 120 pounds of sugar per year.

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