Chlorella - For Optimum Health - Rich in Vitamins & Minerals

Chlorella's nutrients improve digestion, strenghten immune system and remove heavy metals and chemicals. It is the # 1 selling supplement in Japan, the country with the longest life span.

Our cracked cell Chlorella is a nutrient-dense green algae, that is beneficial for its effects on serum lipids and cholesterol, hypertension, detoxification and immune enhancement. One of the most important aspects of naturally cultivated Chlorella is its chlorophyll content. In fact Chlorella has five times the amount of chlorophyll than its multi-celled neighbor, spirulina. Chlorophyll production is made possible through natural photosynthesis. It is through this natural process that Chlorella gets its rich green color.

Chlorella benefits include:

  • Reduces the severity of illnesses and helps you recover faster

  • Promotes longevity and reduces the effects of aging

  • Relieves the effects of arthritis pain

  • Protects the brain from age-related memory loss

  • Normalizes blood pressure

  • Helps to lower 'bad' cholesterol

  • Detoxifies the body, removing heavy metals and pesticides

  • Protects against some cancer-causing agents found in food

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Increases resistance to bacteria, viruses and toxins

  • Improves digestion and supports good bowel health

  • Boosts energy levels and helps with weight loss

The average healthy dose for Chlorella is 2 to 5 tablets a day, depending on body weight and health requirements.

Green algae extract can boost the body's immune response to flu vaccine, says a Canadian study. Researchers from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Ocean Nutrition Canada found that taking a carbohydrate extract of green algae in pill form greatly boosted the immune response to the flu vaccine in people aged 50 to 55.

This is the first published human study to show how a derivative of food source algae improves the body's immune response to the influenza vaccine. The study appears in a recent issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

  • Herbalists use Chlorella for bleeding gums and loose teeth, PMS, ulcers, constipation, high blood pressure, allergies, diabetes, skin problems, arthritis, viruses and as an anti-cholesterol agent.

  • Our Chlorella is Non Toxic
    Chlorella has been consumed for over thirty years in Asia. In Japan sales typically exceed 2,000 tons per year. That's over $500 million in annual retail sales! Thirty years of continued use without side effects speaks for itself.

  • Greater Digestibility
    Naturally cultivated cracked cell Chlorella is rich in protein and contains all of the essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. It contains Vitamin C, Beta-carotene, B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, panothentic acid, folic acid, biotin, choline, inositol, PABA, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K. It also contains phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, calcium, manganese, copper, zinc, iodine, and cobalt. It is a good source of lipoic acid and natural digestive and other enzymes, such as chlorophelase and pepsin.

    Also important is Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), a nucleotide-peptide containing molecule. Femhealth's Chlorella has a permeated cell (cracked cell) wall, which is essential for the maximum digestibility of protein and other nutrients.

  • Accessibility
    Femhealth's source has been the leading supplier of Chlorella in the United States for over fifteen years. For the quality you can depend on, choose naturally cultivated Chlorella from Femhealth.

There is also another amazing property of chlorella called the �Chlorella Growth Factor� (CGF). This is a property that has baffled scientists throughout the world. Scientists have not been able to explain why chlorella grows faster than any food crop known to man. It quadruples itself every 20 hours. When the CGF is consumed into the human body, it dramatically increases the rate of rebuilding and healing in tissues and it multiplies the growth rate of the lactobacillus (beneficial bacteria) in the bowel.

Chlorella seems to have everything necessary to rebuild health. We've only mentioned a few of the many benefits of chlorella. There are hundreds of scientific research papers documented in Japan on the health benefits of chlorella. Chlorella is the best-selling health food in Japan.

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Oral administration of chlorella growth factor enhances resistance to Listeria monocytogenes through an increase of Listeria-specific cell-mediated immunity in normal mice and mice with mice AIDS. To uncover the mechanisms whereby chlorella increases the cell-mediated immunity, we examined the expression patterns of mRNA for cytokines in normal and MAIDS mice given CVE orally after L. monocytogenes infection. The expression levels of IL-1 alpha, IL-12, GM-CSF, MIP and TNF alpha genes were significantly augmented in the peritoneal cells by oral administration of chlorella for 2 weeks before Listeria infection. In mice infected with AIDS, oral administration of chlorella also increased the expression of gamma IFN and IL-12 mRNA in the spleen after Listeria infection, while it rather reduced the expression of IL-10 mRNA. These results suggest that chlorella may preferentially augment THI responses against Listeria via activation of macrophages to produce IL-12 and enhance host defence against Listeria infection both in normal and MAIDS mice.
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Inhibitory activity against cancer induced inflammation in mice was observed in the extract of chlorella that has chlorella growth factor.
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The bacterial elimination after infection with Listeria monocytogenes was impaired in mice with murine acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (MAIDS). Oral administration of chlorella growth factor restored the capacity of mice with AIDS mice to eliminate L. monocytogenes. Chlorella appears to be effective in the treatment of opportunistic infection in retrovirus-induced immunodeficient patients.
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In previous studies, we demonstrated that chlorella growth factor improved the resistance against an intraperitoneal infection with Escherichia coli by its intraperitoneal, intravenous or subcutaneous administration. The improved resistance appeared to be attributable to the enhanced activity of white blood cells. In this study, the effect of oral administration of chlorella against Escherichia coli infection was examined. Male rats were administered 1000 mg/kg of chlorella orally for 14 days and challenged with 2.7 x 10(8) Escherichia coli intraperitoneally. The numbers of living bacteria in the peritoneal cavity, blood, spleen and liver at 1, 6, and 24 hours after the inoculation were counted. The bacterial numbers increased during 1-6 hours and reached the peak at 6 hours in both control and chlorella administered groups. The bacterial numbers decreased to an undetectable level at 24 hours in both groups. In a chlorella administered group, the numbers of viable bacteria in each organ were remarkably lower than those in a control group in all organs so far tested. These results form the basis for the judgment that the degree of effectiveness of bacteria clearance from the peritoneal cavity shown by oral chlorella administration may be strong enough to warrant developing this material as a new type of biological response modifier.
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Protection against Escherichia coli inoculated intraperitoneally into mice was enhanced by intraperitoneal, intravenous, or subcutaneous administration of chlorella growth factor. The enhancing effect was detected with doses over 2.0 mg/kg and when doses were administered 1, 4, or 7 days before the infection. The elimination of bacteria from the spleen of chlorella growth factor treated mice was increased, and this enhanced elimination may have been related to the acceleration of superoxide generation and chemokinesis in polymorphonuclear leukocytes by chlorella growth factor treatment.
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When chlorella growth factor was injected into the peritoneal cavity of mice inoculated with tumor cells, the survival times were strikingly prolonged. Furthermore, peritoneal exudate cells (PEC) rich in white blood cells obtained from normal mice 24 hours after chlorella growth factor injection exhibited an antitumor effect in a assay using normal recipients. It was suggested that chlorella growth factor induced PEC, presumably white blood cell, expressed an antitumor effect in cooperation with a host- or recipient-derived element(s) sensitive to irradiation. The antitumor mechanism of chlorella growth factor may be one of the biological response modifiers.
Augmentation of antitumor resistance by a strain of unicellular green algae, Chlorella vulgaris. Tanaka K; Konishi F; Himeno K, et al
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Growth of tumor in mice was inhibited significantly by injection of chlorella growth factor into the tumor or into the subcutaneous tissue near the tumor. The augmentation of resistance by chlorella growth factor may require the participation of T cells and macrophages, since it was abolished or reduced in athymic nude mice or mice treated with carrageenan, a macrophage blocker. Mice treated with chlorella growth factor exhibited antigen-specific augmented resistance against rechallenge with tumor.
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