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  Beta Carotene With Lutein And Lycopene & Mixed Carotenes

Beta carotene, with Lutein Lycopene Mixed Carotenes, helps eye problems, skin disorders, enhances immunity, protects against toxins and cancer, colds, flu, and infections.

As with all vitamins, natural is far superior to synthetic. Beta-Carotene when mixed in the proper amounts can be a boon to your health. Our combination of natural carotenoids provides 25,000 IU of vitamin A activity, Beta Alpha, Lutein, Lycopene, Zeaxanthin, and Cryptoxanthin. Extra Lutein (4mg each) has been added to enhance the activity of this formula that includes Ascorbyl Palmitate, natural Tocopherols, Marigold and Rosemary. All in a concentrated base of organic carrot powder and Bilberry leaf. It smells good enough to eat.


Beta-Carotene also helps prevent night blindness and other eye problems, skin disorders, enhance immunity, protects against toxins and cancer formations, colds, flu, and infections. It is an antioxidant and protector of the cells while slowing the aging process. Recent reports show natural Beta-Carotene aids in cancer prevention. It is important in the formation of bones and teeth. No vitamin overdose can occur with natural Beta-Carotene.

Taking a nutritional supplement containing beta-carotene, plus other carotenoids such as lutein and lycopene, helps protect the skin against harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, according to a recent study in Journal of Nutrition (2003;133:98-101). Preventing damage to the skin may lead to a reduced risk of developing skin cancer in high-risk groups. In Europe, one of the most popular uses for carotenoid supplements (primarily beta-carotene and lycopene) is for skin protection during the summer sunbathing months (�inside-out� sun protection).

Lycopene may help prevent liver cancer

Experimental and epidemiological evidence suggests that lycopene, a carotenoid present in tomatoes, tomato products, and several other fruits and vegetables, may play a role in preventing certain cancers in humans. In October 2002, results of human clinical research was presented at the American Academy of Cancer Research that complements earlier animal studies on the same subject. The positive results for lycopene gives new hope for treatment and prevention of liver cancer.

Antioxidant Supplements May Boost Protective Enzymes in Male Smokers

BACKGROUND: Smoking tobacco products reduces the body's levels of many nutrients, including antioxidants. At the same time, the liver needs higher levels of some of these nutrients to promote the detoxification (breakdown) of hazardous compounds in tobacco smoke.

RESEARCH: Researchers asked 42 male smokers, all of whom also had elevated blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, to take a combination of antioxidant supplements daily for six weeks. One group took moderate daily dosages of beta-carotene (15 mg), vitamin C (500 mg), and vitamin E (400 IU) within 30 minutes of the morning meal. The other group took the same supplements at two meals per day, thus consuming twice the amounts of these antioxidants.

RESULTS: Blood levels of several key antioxidant enzymes -- catalase, glutathione peroxidase, and superoxide dismutase -- increased significantly in both groups. In addition, oxidized (free-radical damaged) fats in cholesterol decreased significantly. Levels of iron, which can promote free-radical reactions, also declined. These improvements were not consistently related to the dosage, suggesting that the benefits of moderate and high intake of antioxidants were roughly equivalent.

IMPLICATIONS: A combination of beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E boosted levels of protective antioxidant enzymes in male smokers who also had elevated levels of free radicals. While every effort should be made to encourage smokers to cease using tobacco, these supplements may provide some protection against some of the health hazards of tobacco products. If you're still not ready to kick the habit, it is imperative that you start taking these antioxidant vitamins immediately!

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