Nutrition Guide: Bee Pollen For Allergies & Longevity

Bee pollen improves endurance and vitality, promotes longevity, aids recovery from chronic illness, helps with allergies and weight loss.

Bee Pollen is a popular supplement that strengthens the immune system and provides energy for the entire body. It contains 35% protein, 55% carbohydrate, 2% fatty acids and 3% minerals and vitamins. It is high in B-complex and vitamins A, C, D, and E. It also contains lecithin, beta-carotene and selenium.

Bee Pollen increases performance as well as relieving signs of brain fog and fatigue. Since European Gold Medal Olympic coaches introduced Bee Pollen to American athletes, they have been using it to improve stamina and endurance. Clinical evidence shows that Bee Pollen also speeds up the recovery process of exercise.

Bee Pollen helps relieve respiratory problems such as sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis and colds. Bee Pollen is a pre-digested protein and the enzymes it contains are of help with many bowel problems such as constipation, diarrhea and colitis. It helps balance the endocrine system.

Bee Pollen has been called nature's perfect food. It is very rich in vitamins and contains almost all known minerals, trace elements, enzymes and amino acids. It contains the essence of every plant from which bees collect pollen, in combination with digestive enzymes from the bees.

This combination of elements make bee pollen an excellent source of antioxidants. Research studies and clinical tests reveal that Bee Pollen has an immunizing effect, enhances vitality, and can counteract the effects of radiation and chemical toxins. Bee Pollen helps counteract the effects of aging while increasing mental and physical fitness. It is of help with menstrual and prostate problems. Bee Pollen strengthens the immune system. Bee Pollen also helps with weight loss and weight gain. It balances the body beyond expectation.

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