Alfalfa for Cholesterol, Menopause & Osteoporosis - Herbal Guide

Alfalfa is useful in the treatment of high cholesterol, menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis. Alfalfa alkalizes and detoxifies the body and is a good source of Vitamin K.

Research indicates that Alfalfa's saponins block cholesterol aborption and thereby prevent arterial plaque. Alfalfa's isolflavones have an estrogen-like effect, thus confirming Alfalfa's traditonal use for menopausal symptoms.

Alfalfa is a common ingredient in "green food" powders, often combined with spirulina, chlorella and barley grass.

Alfalfa has a very unique and distinctive quality that sets it apart from most other plants. The root system of the alfalfa plant reaches thirty feet deep into the soil. This allows the plant to access a large quantity of un-depleted nutrients, salts, and other necessary elements, while most other plants simply don't have this advantage. The leaves of the alfalfa plant contain the eight essential amino acids and ten non-essential amino acids.

Alfalfa is a combination food plant and medicine plant. Because alfalfa contains calcium, protein, iron, B-complexes, copper, zinc, fiber and enzymes it helps with many ailments. It is often used to aid digestion, help heal bone disorders and is often recommended as an anti-inflammatory.

Alfalfa is supposedly the oldest know plant used for livestock feed, with records of its use as early as 1,000 BC in the Middle East. Alfalfa has been used by the Chinese since the sixth century to treat kidney stones, and to relieve fluid retention and swelling. It is a perennial herb that grows throughout the world in a variety of climates. Alfalfa grows to about 3 feet and has blue- violet flowers.

Alfalfa is a combination of two Arabic words: Al - from Allah, and Falf - which means 'Father of all Foods'. Alfalfa is very high in trace elements and vitamins. Alfalfa is one of the highest sources of chlorophyll and Vitamin K.

Sometimes the amount taken must be gradually increased each day to receive the desired results. Start with 3 each - one with each meal and every 2 or 3 days increase until your desired effects are realized.

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