Yarrow - The Healing Herb - Gout Medicine

Yarrow is excellent medicine for gout and is a fine blood purifier, balances the function of the liver, has an invigorating tonic effect and assists in removing congestion.

Gout is a painful inflammation primarily of the big toe, characterized by an excess of uric acid in the blood that leads to crystalline deposits in the small joints.

Achilletin and achilleine are chemicals in Yarrow that help to purify the blood of waste material. They absorb impurities and break them down into forms that are more easily eliminated. This includes uric acid crystals in the blood. Yarrow helps prevent or ease gout by eliminating uric acid crystals.

Yarrow is a strengthening, soothing, and healing medicinal herb. Yarrow helps equalize the circulation and is a very effective tool to add to your cold and fever arsenal.

Longfellow wrote:

"Hiawatha ceased lamenting,
Called no more on Chibiabos;
Naught he questioned, naught he answered,
But his mournful head uncovered,
From his face the mourning colors
Washed he slowly and in silence,
Slowly and in silence followed
Onward to the Sacred Wigwam.
There a magic drink they gave him,
Made of Nahma-wusk, the spearmint,
And Wabeno-wusk, the yarrow,
Roots of power, and herbs of healing;

Beat their drums, and shook their rattles;
Chanted singly and in chorus,
Mystic songs like these, they chanted."

Yarrow is a fine blood purifier, balances the function of the liver, and a good herb to combine with the Advanced Liver formula. It has a tonic effect and is invigorating and assists in removing congestion. It helps stop bleeding and aides healing. Yarrow works in treating nose bleeds, by inserting the herb in the nostril and at the same time can relieve a sinus headache. Yarrow cleans the blood, relieves chills, nasal drip, and inflammatory skin conditions. It can open skin pores (if taken with hot water), discharges internal poisons through perspiration, helps reduce uric acid, and gout.

Yarrow can break up a cold within 24 hours and helps control fungus, helps heal mucus membrane, make a tea and rinse hair to help prevent hair loss and for healthier, fuller hair. Yarrow can also help control bleeding from the lungs and is very helpful for many urination problems.

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