Dangers of Vitamin D Deficiency

If you live north of Georgia on the East Coast or Santa Barbara on the West Coast, you need to take Vitamin D supplements from October to April each year. In the summer many people get enough vitamin D from sun exposure.

Up to half of the U.S. population is chronically deficient in vitamin D. Adequate levels of vitamin D significantly reduce the risk of all cancers, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, depression, diabetes, chronic pain, gum disease and auto immune diseases such as MS and RA rheumatoid arthritis.

Vitamin D is a potent immune system modulator. The reason we get colds, flu and bronchitis more often in the winter time is due to a vitamin D deficiency.

In the mid-20th century, 1935 – 1965, mothers and grandmothers used to force foul tasting cod liver oil on their children because “it was good for them.” Fish liver oil is high in vitamins A & D. Milk was fortified with vitamin D in the 1930s because it was discovered that vitamin D prevented rickets in children.

This year, in Massachusetts, a number of children have been identified as having rickets, resulting in aching bones and muscles. Low vitamin D levels mean that the bones become softer due to less mineralization. A deficiency interferes with proper bone growth and density, and can cause muscle weakness.

Black children in northern cities, because of the sun-filtering effect of dark pigments in their skin, are far more likely than whites to be vitamin D deficient and are more susceptible to rickets and TB.

Children used to rush home after school so they could play outside until it got dark. Now they rush home to IM their friends, play video games and work on their My Space blog. They’re also using more sunscreen and drinking less milk. A recent study published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood has found that more than 70 percent of British teenage girls are deficient in vitamin D.

Increasingly, researchers are learning that Vitamin D is essential in maintaining health and preventing disease, not just during the crucial growing years of childhood, but throughout life. Recent studies show that Vitamin D insufficiency may even be, in one researcher's words, "an unrecognized epidemic" among both women and men who are middle aged and older.

Underlying Vitamin D deficiency in post menopausal women is associated with increased risk of hip fracture. In a group of women with osteoporosis hospitalized for hip fracture, 50% were found to have a previously undetected Vitamin D deficiency.

At least 1.5 million “fragility fractures” occur annually in the United States. These are breaks that result when someone falls, trips or lifts something too heavy. A history of a fragility fracture is far more predictive of future fractures than a bone density test. A major cause is a vitamin D deficiency.

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