Single Herbs - Herbal Botanical Medicine

Single Herbs - Herbal Botanical Medicine - Herbal medicine is the world's oldest healing model and has been in use for more than 5,000 years.

Herbs are nutritional foundation nutrients and good alternative medicine to nourish the body's deepest and most basic elements. Medicinal herbs have been used safely and effectively since the time of recorded history for an endless list of reasons from health, healing, weight loss, to survival and more. Herbs can offer the body nutrients it does not always receive, either from a poor diet, or environmental deficiencies in the soil and air. They are great body balancers that help regulate body functions.

The benefits of herbs are many and varied. Even the once skeptical traditional medical community is starting to embrace alternative medicine practices using herbal remedies and healing philosophies and practices incorporating herbal medicine and medicinal herbs. Chinese herbs have been used by the Chinese for over 4,000 years to promote health and as healing agents. Chinese Herbs are taken as tonics to enhance physical and mental well being. Since the dawn of man, herbs have been used for healing purposes and to promote wellness. Today, herbs are alternative medicine to the western world and the primary source of health care for 80% of the rest of the world.

Commit to taking herbs for at least 90 days, before deciding whether or not you have benefited from them. Although the herbs often act quite quickly, even immediately, their effects are also cumulative over time.

Herbs support your body's own natural healing processes, and these processes have their own timing. Be patient with your body's own wisdom.

Single Herbs

Aloe Vera

Beta Glucan

Blueberry Leaf Tea


Butcher's Broom

Capsicum Cayenne

Cat's Claw



Dandelion Root

Evening Primrose Oil

Odor Controlled Garlic

Goldenseal Capsules

Green Tea Extract

Hawthorn Berries




Ashwagandha Extract

Agaricus Blazei


Lapacho - Pau D'Arco

Red Raspberry


St. John's Wort


Slippery Elm

Tea Tree Oil

Ultra Enzyme

Ultra HGH


Yew Olive

Yew Salve

Yew Tea

Yew Extract


After the collapse of the western Roman empire in the fifth century, Europe lost touch with much of its intellectual heritage. With the study of disease and of patients neglected, medicine as a craft virtually vanished. The Catholic church banned surgery by monks, because it constituted a danger to their souls. Ignorance triumphed.

Around the end of the World War II, the field of chemistry made exponential advances in the ability to isolate and synthesize single plant compounds. In the name of progress, use of plants for medicinal purposes based on long-standing empirical medical experience came to be considered old fashioned. Simple herbal remedies became forgotten. As time passed, medical schools ceased to include much about herbal preparations in their pharmaceutical curricula. Ignorance triumphed once again.

A small group of healthcare practitioners retained the use of whole plants and plant extracts in their practices. Practitioners included in this group were herbalists, naturopaths, eclectic physicians and traditional healers of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

Baby Boomers and the "Boom" in Alternative Medicine

This group of approximately 76 million people tends to look for new solutions to treat old problems. They have a desire for wellness and they expect it. Boomers project an aggressive consumerism as well as a healthy disregard for authority and conformity. They do not wish to "grow old gracefully" and they are starving for answers to the age-old puzzle of youth extension and longevity. More than any demographic population before them, this group not only wants to hold on to their youth, but also knows it is possible to do so.

Their demand for exploring these alternative health options derives from a number of factors, such as their frustration with the limitations of mainstream medicine in providing them the answers they seek. Other factors include a growing body of scientific literature linking chronic degenerative diseases to nutritional and emotional factors, and a greater awareness of the medical practices of other cultures such as Eastern, Ayurvedic, and Native American.

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