Silver 400 PPM

Silver 400ppm inhibits the growth of nearly all pathogenic bacteria and fungi and kills germs on contact.

Silver 400 is not made by electrical means and has been safely used for years. There is no skin discoloration with the use of this product.

Silver 400 is the culmination of over a hundred years of medical research to make a product that is extremely effective against viruses, bacteria, and fungal infections.

Throughout history, people have exploited the germicidal properties of silver. The Greeks and Romans stored water and other drinks in silver vessels that were believed to keep the liquids fresh. During the plagues in Europe, wealthy families ate from silver plates and used silver utensils, in the hope that silver might protect them from the disease that was claiming their neighbors' lives. Pioneers traveling across the U.S. placed silver and copper coins in their wooden water casks and milk jugs to retard the growth of bacteria and algae. Settlers in the Australian outback would place a silver fork or spoon in their water tank in the belief that it would sanitize the water.

From the late 1800s through the early 1900s, the medical industry made use of silver's germicidal properties. For half a century, silver appeared in hundreds of medical products. Silver eye drops were routinely placed in newborn babies� eyes to prevent blindness when the mother had gonorrhea. Silver salts were commonly used in nose drops and wound dressings, and silver was an ingredient in popular "health tonics" and in oral smoking remedies. With the discovery of antibiotics (sulfa drugs and then penicillin) in the early to mid-1900s, interest in silver as an anti-microbial medicine declined. Since patents could not be taken out on silver, pharmaceutical companies could make more money from developing and patenting antibiotic drugs.

Although major burns create a serious medical crisis, most of the burn patients die of infections rather than burns. Dr. Charles L. Fox Jr., a bacteriologist in a surgical unit, combined two known antibacterial agents for burns, silver nitrate and sulfadiazine, to create a synergistic compound that is extremely effective against infection. Silver sulfadiazine burn ointment was licensed to Marion Laboratories in 1969 following a clinical trial to prove efficacy.

Silver sulfadiazine quickly became the drug of choice due to its effectiveness at controlling bacterial infection and pain-free application. Produced as a water-soluble ointment, silver sulfadiazine was first employed on a large scale during the Vietnam War.

Silver is finally staging a comeback as a germ fighter. In modern times, silver water purification filters and tablets are available for use in homes, businesses, and on airlines. Electrical ionizer units that use silver and copper ions to sanitize swimming pool water � replacing chlorine � have been developed. Silver is even used by NASA and the Russians to purify water in both countries� space shuttles.

In the half-century since penicillin, we have seen the development of new strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and rising concerns about the overuse of antibiotics. Some groups advocate return to using silver for disinfecting swimming pool water and for medical antibiotic purposes. Bacteria and viruses, interestingly, have not been shown to develop resistance to the antibiotic effects of silver.

Silver 400 is not made by electrical means and has been safely used for years by doctors and patients for numerous illnesses and diseases. There is no skin discoloration with the use of this product.

Our product has been tested numerous times by the University of Florida, Allergy Research Group, Vitamin Research Products, Haeuser Labs, Gailbreth Labs, microbiologist, Dr. Larry Wayne Harris, as well as the governments of Cuba, Mexico, Belize, Canada and the United States. We know of no other silver product that has undergone such extensive testing and scrutiny by physicians and research entities.

During the past eleven years clinical trials have been done in Cuba, Mexico, and the United States using Silver 400 to treat HIV, Lyme Disease, Hepatitis A, B, C, D, and now E. Since 1997 Dr. Ward Dean, M.D., (Pensacola) has written over 30 articles concerning the effectiveness of Silver 400 in the treatment of over 100 illnesses and diseases.

Dr. Glen Wilcoxson, M.D., (Mobile) has treated over eleven hundred patients using Silver 400 orally, topically and in IV infusions since 1998. No other silver product made in the world can be used orally, topically, and in IV infusion form.

Dr. Larry Wayne Harris held the highest position as head of biological research for the CIA for most of the 1980s and 1990s. Larry was also head of the microbiology department at Ohio State University for over twenty-five years. Hr. Harris prepared an extensive report after the World Trade Center terrorist act on 9-11-01, and has endorsed only one product to be used other than antibiotics against a biological such as anthrax and that product is Silver 400. Dr. Harris is now part of an international team of doctors continuing to do research and find cures for illnesses and diseases using Silver 400.

A number of articles have been published in the Townsend Newsletter for Doctors, ACAM (American Practice for Alternative Medicine)and the Florida Chiropractic Journal.

The manufacturer is very selective with whom it sells Silver 400 through. Almost all sales are to doctors or health care providers. These include M.D.�s, D.O.�s, D.C.�s, and N.D.�s in nine countries and private labeled to five nutraceutical companies here in the United States.

The manufacturer established a treatment foundation almost fifteen years ago to study a form of mild silver protein that was developed over a century ago. After several years of applied research and development the manufacturer was able to alter the structure of his mild silver protein and produce a product that had a particle size that is sub-micron in size. After reaching this milestone, clinical studies commenced in the 1990�s in Cuba, Mexico, Belize, and finally the United States to determine the effectiveness and safety of Silver 400 in treating certain viral and bacterial diseases commonly found in these countries.

Major product development occurred when the manufacturer used applied quantum physics research, which resulted in development of an enhanced orthomolecular base. Product formula refinement has achieved stable suspension particle size of 17.6 nanometers of Silver 400. All test results were conclusive; small particle size, stable suspension, proprietary potentiators, molecularly restructured H2O proved Silver 400 could safely be administered
- IV drip infusion, orally or topically, to effectively penetrate deep tissue to kill harmful pathogens. It is helpful for: Ear infections, Thrush (candida), the common cold and other viral infections, E. coli infections, Intestinal infections, Sinus infections, Leukemia, HIV infection, Lyme disease, Herpes, Gingivitis and Food poisoning.

FH-39-10 Silver 400 PPM 2 fl oz $39.95
Names: English: Silver
French: Argent German: Silber
Italian: Argento Latin: Argentum
Spanish: Plata Basic Information: Symbol: Ag
Atomic number: 47 Group number: 11
Mass: 107.868 Density @ 293 K: 10.5 g/cm3
Atomic volume: 10.3 cm3/mol Melting Point: 961.93 C (1235.1 K) Boiling Point: 2212 C (2428 K) Heat of fusion: 11.30 kJ/mol
Heat of vaporization: 250.580 kJ/mol Number of Protons/Electrons: 47
Number of neutrons: 61 Classification: Transition Metal
Crystal Structure: Face-centered Cubic
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