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NewSun Health vitamins, herbs and supplements for herbal weight loss, cleansing, cholesterol control, cancer, circulation, stress and anxiety, depression, diabetes, digestion, liver disease and high blood pressure. Femhealth sells over 200 of the highest quality natural products from New Sun.

During the past decade there has been an exponential increase in the use of herbal remedies. Today, most pharmacies in western countries dedicate large portions of shelf space to herbal remedies, however many of these remedies are not standardized in terms of potency and quality.

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New Sun Single Herbs

Aloe Vera

Beta Glucan

Blueberry Leaf Tea


Butcher's Broom

Capsicum Cayenne

Cat's Claw



Dandelion Root

Evening Primrose Oil

Odor Controlled Garlic

Goldenseal Capsules

Green Tea Concentrate

Hawthorn Berries




Ashwagandha Extract

Agaricus Blazei


Lapacho - Pau D'Arco

Red Raspberry


St. John's Wort


Slippery Elm

Tea Tree Oil

Ultra Enzyme

Ultra HGH


Yew Olive

Yew Salve

Yew Tea

Yew Extract


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We wish to thank our customers for their faith in our products. Femhealth sells top quality New Sun health supplements for today's strenuous demands. The formulas are unmatched in the industry. Our products are the source for many antiaging and wellness clinics and health care professionals throughout North America. From Yew (Taxus brevifolia)- which is the active ingredient in Taxol cancer therapy and Agaricus Blazei the amazing anti-cancer medicinal mushroom, to 5 HTP - Hydroxy Tryptophan, our products lead the way with the highest levels of potency and cutting-edge herbal research and development.

Read about the Dangers of HRT Hormone Replacement Therapy and try some MACA if you are experiencing any menopausal symptoms.

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Multivitamins and Public Health: Exploring the Evidence

The invited panel of multidisciplinary thought leaders reviewed the current state of the science and discussed the role multivitamins play in reducing the risk of developing chronic disease, as well as their role in immunity and public health. They came to the following conclusions:

* Most Americans do not get optimal amounts of key micronutrients through
diet alone, despite the evidence that poor nutritional status increases
the risk of birth defects, and infectious and chronic disease;

* Daily multivitamins should be recommended to help close this nutritional

* Multivitamins are safe, affordable, cost-effective and accessible;

* There is promising evidence supporting multivitamin use for the
prevention of some chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease,
making it prudent to recommend that all adults take a daily

"Despite our efforts to maintain a healthy diet, research indicates most of us fall short of getting the vitamins and minerals we need," said David Heber, M.D., Ph.D., director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition and a co- chair of Multivitamins and Public Health. "A daily multivitamin is a simple and cost-effective way to help ensure good health."


In 1998, a report in U.S. News and World Report referenced The Journal of the American Medical Association and the respected medical journal The Lancet to say that prescribed medications were the fourth leading cause of death -- which meant they killed over 100,000 Americans every year. The 1998 U.S. News article went on to say, 'You're more apt to die from prescription medications than from an accident, pneumonia, or diabetes.'

1.5 million people were injured each year due to prescription medications. But it gets worse. The July 26, 2000, issue of JAMA reported that medical and pharmaceutical errors had become the third leading cause of death in America.


A large number of Americans are involved in a kind of health-care underworld, attempting to self-treat or prevent diseases with various vitamin and mineral supplements, a new study says. More than half of Americans use vitamin or mineral supplements (or both) and, researchers say, much of this supplement use was associated with various medical conditions. The study appears in the January 2003 issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

"We have evidence that people are taking up to 16 supplements a day [although] on average people were taking two to three supplements," says Jessie Satia-Aboua. Dr. Jay Brooks, chief of hematology/oncology at the Ochsner Clinic Foundation in Baton Rouge, La., estimates that 70 percent of his patients are taking some kind of supplement. "There's this general feeling that the medical establishment is holding something back," he says. "There's almost this conspiracy theory."

Satia-Abouta and her colleagues analyzed information from the Vitamins and Lifestyle (VITAL) Study, in which 45,748 men and women aged 50 to 75 completed a 24-page questionnaire regarding supplement use (multivitamins plus 15 individual vitamins or minerals), diet, physical activity, medical history, and demographic characteristics.

In this round of analysis, the researchers found that 75 percent of the participants regularly took a vitamin or mineral supplement. More than half were taking a multivitamin. The most popular single supplements were vitamins E and C, calcium, folate, and selenium.

The participants who were most likely to be using supplements tended to be older, female, highly educated, Caucasian, and with a normal body mass index.

"Education correlates with income, and supplements are not necessarily cheap," Satia-Abouta says. "These people probably have more money and they know more about trends." Respondents who had medical conditions reported using more supplements than respondents who did not have medical conditions. The strongest associations were for people with or at risk for cardiovascular disease taking vitamin E, niacin, and folate, and for people with indigestion and acid reflux disease taking calcium.

Although women used more supplements overall, in certain cases men were more likely than women to use supplements. For instance, men who had been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate were more likely to take selenium. (In fact, according to preliminary studies, selenium may reduce the risk of prostate cancer but not an enlarged prostate.) Men with depression and coronary disease also used more supplements than women.

The results of a new study show that the daily use of a multivitamin by older adults could lead to more than $1.6 billion in Medicare savings over the next five years.

"We were able to identify significant cost savings based on improved immune functioning and a reduction in the relative risk of coronary artery disease through providing a daily multivitamin to the 65 and over population," said Allen Dobson, Ph.D.

The study was launched with the aim of finding an inexpensive way to save money in health care. "Current sentiment among policymakers in health care favors prevention, making this study an important contribution to the discussion in multiple public arenas," the report said.

"Evidence from numerous sources indicates that a significant number of older adults fail to get the amounts and types of food necessary to meet essential energy and nutrient needs."

Much of the supplement use could reflect trends in the media. "Today, vitamin E is good. Tomorrow, vitamin C is good. People will buy all the ones they hear about, which is one a day in the media," Satia-Abouta speculates. "People feel that taking something 'natural' is really the way to go," Brooks says. "Well, we use natural products in medicine every day.�

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New Sun Herbal Weight Loss

Hunger Keeps Us Fat
Many dieters think dieting and hunger go hand in hand.

They accept hunger as a normal part of dieting because they think that dieting and weight loss means eating tiny amounts of food.
But hunger should never be part of a diet.

Hunger makes us unhappy. Unhappiness makes us binge.

Truth About Dieting
Dieting means swapping your high-calorie eating habits for lower-calorie habits. This can easily be achieved without reducing food quantity.

Secret of Successful Weight Loss
The real secret of successful weight loss is to fill up your stomach with healthy lower calorie food. Because a full stomach is your best protection again food temptation, binges, cravings and other diet disasters.

Do not go hungry!
If you do, you'll reach for something that makes you fat. It's always better to eat a little too much, than not enough. Because not enough leads to diet failure!


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