Remedies for Leg Pain Relief

Treatment for leg pain, leg cramps, tiredness and soreness in legs

In many cases, it is nearly impossible to determine the cause of leg cramps and leg pain.

Sometimes leg pain is a side effect of either taking statin medication for high cholesterol or a diuretic water pill like Lasix (furosemide). It is important not to let yourself get dehydrated.

Arthritis, phlebitis, peripheral vascular disease, varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis are other causes of leg pain.

For many of us, leg cramps are an all-too-familiar scenario: You're sleeping peacefully when a painful sensation suddenly pierces your leg, jolting you awake. If you've been an unwilling host to this night time visitor, you have plenty of company. Studies show that about 70% of adults older than 50 experience nocturnal leg cramps.

Nocturnal leg cramps are sudden, involuntary contractions of the calf muscles that occur during the night or while at rest. The cramps can affect persons in any age-group, but they tend to occur in middle-aged and older populations. Sometimes muscles in the soles of the feet also cramp.

Research has not identified precisely what causes nighttime muscle cramps. The problem is most likely with the nerves controlling the muscles rather than with the muscles themselves.

Indications for Use:
For fast relief of cramping in lower extremities, aching or soreness in limbs, enlarged veins, congested veins, and tiredness in legs. Helps with blood circulation. Associated with varicose veins.

Vein Toner Ingredients: Aesculus Hippocastanum � Arnica Montana � Calcarea Fluorica � Carduus Marianus � Carbo Vegetabilis � Collinsonia Canadensis � Echinacea Purpurea � Hamamelis Virginiana � Lachesis Mutus � Pulsatilla � Secale Cornutum. Each ingredient is in equal volumes of 10x, 30x, and 100x potencies in a pure water base.

10-336 Veino Plex Leg Pain Relief 2 fl oz spray pump $18.95

Leg Cramp Wonder - SPAZ

In an emergency you can rely on Spaz. When cramps occur in the legs, toes or anywhere in the body suddenly, simply take 20 or more drops in a small amount of liquid and see how fast relief arrives.

The herbs in the formula are historically known as Antispasmodic, nervine, tonic and sedative in their action. Great support to the nervous system can be obtained including peaceful rest and sleep. This formula has been used in its liquid form in for years. Many can attest to the fast results they receive in special crisis situations with severe cramping, spasms, hysteria, twitching, neuralgia, palsy, tremors and pain.

Ingredients: All natural, pure, cold processed, Scullcap, Skunk Cabbage, Valerian Root, Pan Pien Lien and Capsicum.

89-1 SPAZ 1 oz $15.95

90-1 SPAZ 4 oz $39.95

Gotu Kola

Research shows that Gotu Kola has a positive effect on the body�s circulation system. It improves the flow of blood throughout the body by strengthening the veins and capillaries. The herb is used to treat phlebitis (inflammation of the veins), varicose veins, as well as leg cramps, swelling of the legs, and "heaviness" or tingling in the legs. Gotu Kola is helpful for venous insufficiency, peripheral vascular disease, claudification and localized inflammation.

Benefits of Gotu Kola - a rich source of vitamin K

  • Wound Healing - Gotu kola strengthens the skin, increases the concentration of antioxidants in wounds, and restores inflamed tissues by increasing blood supply. Gotu kola is used externally for burns, psoriasis and prevention of scar tissue.

  • Venous Insufficiency and Varicose Veins

  • High Blood Pressure - In a study of people with heart disease and high blood pressure experienced a significant reduction in diastolic blood pressure compared to those who took placebo.

  • Anxiety - Triterpenoids have been shown to soothe anxiety and boost mental function in mice.

  • Scleroderma - One study with scleroderma found that gotu kola decreased joint pain, skin hardening, and improved finger movement.

  • Insomnia - Gotu kola has been used to help people with insomnia because of its sedative effects.

  • Improves Mental Clarity - revitalizes the nerves and brain cells

Gotu Kola is best known as a brain herb, or an herb associated with improving memory and/or enhancing brain function. Studies in the U.S. and India reveal that Gotu Kola has the effect of stimulating the brain and improving intelligence capability. Also, Gotu Kola is recommended for treatment of premature aging and dementia.

Gotu Kola promotes healthy connective tissue and is beneficial in the treatment of cellulite which affect women - especially the thighs. Gotu Kola improves our veins, including varicose veins - those bluish blood vessels that pop up on our legs - and hemorrhoids. Vein problems like varicose veins and hemorrhoids can be a symptom of CVI -Chronic Venous Insufficiency. Gotu Kola is effective not only at rebuilding weakened connective tissue in the veins, but also at inhibiting edema - swollen ankles.

Gotu Kola has impressive wound-healing properties and is very helpful for periodontal disease, cellulite, varicose veins and bladder infections.

83-3 Gotu Kola 490mg 100 Capsules $12.95

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