Kidney Tonic Formula

Kidney Tonic is a balanced and synergistic formula designed to nourish, feed and support kidney function. Part of the urinary system, the kidneys filter wastes and toxins from the blood and excrete them, along with water, as urine. The kidneys secrete a variety of hormones, help regulate your blood pressure, and balance the volume of fluids and minerals in the body.

Research shows that that people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) have a higher prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors than those without kidney disease and are less likely to have factors such as hypertension and diabetes under optimal control.

Kidney Tonic Formula contains:

Cleavers- Is an herb that may sooth and calm the urinary system. Other herbs in this formula may strengthen and give tone to weak kidneys. Cleavers may also help with kidney stones and may be helpful in the urinary tract. It may also be beneficial for calcium deposits and may act as a mild diuretic. It may help relieve swollen glands, be effective as a lymphatic cleanser and may also be effective for many skin problems.

Golden Rod- Works well when added to the others herbs in this formula. It may help filter urine and repair weak and stressed kidneys. Golden Rod may help in the rebuilding of damaged kidneys.

Nettle Leaf- Is high in organic minerals including iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium. It may have positive effects on the kidney; may help inflamed kidneys, remove sedimentation and increase the flow of urine to cleanse, which then may assist in strengthening weak kidneys and bladder. It is also alkaline, acting as a balancer, thus may help to lower acid in the kidney.

Cistanche- This Chinese herb is also found in our Kidney/Bladder formula. It may strengthen and help with toning the kidney as well as the bladder, which may promote better control. It has some of the same properties as Nettle Leaf in that it acts as a cleanser, a positive effect that may help in toning the kidneys and the bladder.

Plantain- Is helpful in this formula because it may assist in healing damaged or inflamed tissues in the urinary system. It may remove toxins and excess water from the urinary tract while toning the bladder and kidneys. Plantain may also act as a strong lymphatic herb.

Nettle Seeds- Has many functions as does Nettle Leaf but may be best in helping to strengthen poor and weak kidneys.

If fluid retention is a problem, it is wise to add Water Go to this Kidney Tonic. If frequent urination is the problem, try Kidney/Bladder (Strengthen and Control Formula), which may work well with this new formula.

Ingredients: Proprietary Blend, Cleavers, Golden Rod, Citanche, Nettle Leaf, Plantain, Nettle Seed

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