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Magnetic Stainless Steel Bracelets
Magnetic Bracelets made of Stainless Steel are very hot selling items. These beautiful magnetic bracelets sell in department stores and magazines for $80-110. Our bracelets come in a beautiful gold gift box. All our stainless steel magnetic bracelets are on sale. Femhealth makes stainless steel magnetic bracelets affordable.

British researchers report that magnetic bracelets can help to ease the pain of osteoarthritis of the hip and knee. In a study of nearly 200 sufferers of the joint disease, patients who wore a standard-strength magnetic bracelet reported having less pain than those who wore weaker or non-magnetic bracelets for 12 weeks.

"We found evidence of a beneficial effect of magnetic wrist bracelets on the pain of osteoarthritis of the hip and knee," Professor Edzard Ernst said in a report in the British Medical Journal. "Whatever the mechanism, the benefit from magnetic bracelets seems clinically useful," Ernst added.

The patients wearing the higher strength magnetic bracelets reported the biggest improvement, which the scientists said suggested the magnetic strength is important. The benefits were in addition to improvements from standard treatments for the illness.

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Magnetic Titanium Bracelets
Titanium Magnetic Bracelets are ultra light weight and have corrosion resistance to salt air, salt water and clorine found in pools and hot tubs. Titanium is frequently used by orthopedic surgeons and favored by active golfers.

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Magnetic Link Bracelets
We offer an excellent selection of magnetic link bracelets. They are all created with 5 or more powerful north pole magnets of 2,000 gauss each. These magnetic bracelets are fun to collect and give as gifts.

In recent years people have come to believe that magnets hold the power to increase circulation and relieve pain. We make no claims of our jewelry. We simply offer a great selection at down to earth prices. People tell us they have one for every day of the week.

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Magnetic Rings
We are pleased to offer a fine assortment of magnetic rings. Not only are they therapeutic but they look nice as well. You can have the whole selection for the same price as many other sites sell two rings.

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Magnetic Necklaces
Our magnetic bracelets have light weight and stylish design. Flexible stainless steel links provide super durability and comfort. These magnetic bracelets fit large and small wrist. Magnetic bracelets with colored accent stones. stainless steel links, golden plated, flexible links.

Welcome to our collection of metallic magnetic necklaces. All these lovely pieces are handcrafted of the highest quality overlay and magnets. Many people believe that magnets can ease pain and increase circulation. We make no claims of our magnetic jewelry, we simply offer the best selection and quality at fabulous, affordable prices.

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Magnetic and Copper Toe Rings

Femhealth offers toe rings in two styles, metallic and copper. If you are looking for toe rings there is sure to be something here for you. Copper has been worn for centuries in the belief that it eases pain of arthritic type conditions. In recent years people have come to believe that pull of magnets can ease pain and increase circulation. We make no claims of our magnetic bracelets. We simply offer the best quality and selection at fabulous prices.

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Magnetic Hematite Jewelry
We are proud to offer this beautiful selection of hematite magnetic necklaces, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

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Fashion Magnetic Earrings
Femhealth is pleased to offer fashion magnetic earrings made of hematite and semi-precious stones. The earrings all cling right through the ear making them perfect for those who don't have pierced ears or those allergic to metal earrings.

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Magnetic Copper Link Bracelets
Femhealth is pleased to present our newest line of copper link magnetic bracelets. Clad in a beautiful layer of burnished copper they are just gorgeous. These fabulous bracelets are selling like crazy. Some for men and some for women, crafted with north pole magnets of 2,000 gauss each. People have believed for centuries that copper holds the ability to ease the pain of arthritis and other such conditions.

Bracelet power

What the researchers wanted to know: Do the commercially available magnetic bracelets help relieve pain from arthritis of the hip and knee?
What they did: Over the space of two years, researchers found 194 people between the ages of 45 and 80 who suffered from medically documented osteoarthritis of the knee and hip. (They excluded people who already used magnetic jewelry in an attempt to beat their pain.) Scientists divided the people into three groups: Some got a bracelet with magnets set in a way to cause a standard-strength magnetic field across the wrist, some got bracelets with very weak magnets, and another group got bracelets with nonmagnetic steel washers. Participants didn't know what kind of bracelet they were getting. Using a standardized pain scoring system, they rated their symptoms both before and after wearing the bracelets. Patients continued their usual pain management treatment during the experiment, so any effects from the magnets would be additional.
What they found: The strong magnets helped. The average pain scores were 1.3 points lower in the group with the standard magnetic bracelets than the dummy bracelets. Results for the weakly magnetic bracelets were about the same as the dummy ones.
Harlow, T. et al. "Randomised Controlled Trial of Magnetic Bracelets for Relieving Pain in Osteoarthritis of the Hip and Knee." British Medical Journal. Dec. 18�25, 2004, Vol. 329, pp. 1450�1454.

We offer the best selection and quality at low, low down to earth prices.

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Copper Jewelry
We offer a giant selection of pure copper jewelry. Each piece is made from 100% pure copper. Many pieces are hand-crafted. We have all the "hard to find" copper jewelry from copper anklets to copper rings and copper mangnetic bracelets. The quality is the finest in the world. We discount all of our jewelry to make it affordable to all. Why pay more for the exact same thing?

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Copper Bracelet Watches
Copper bracelet watches are not easy to find. We searched all over to find this selection for our customers. These bracelet watches have a distinctive classic look. We hope that you will find something here that strikes your fancy.

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Copper and Magnetic Anklets
Femhealth offers an excellent selection of copper and magnetic anklets. The magnetic anklets come in both metallic and hematite.

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Body Wraps - Body Magnets
We offer a complete line of magnetic body wraps. These body wraps are made of strong, comfortable neoprene fabric and powerful permanent ferrite magnets. Many people believe the healing power of magnets can help to relieve pain and increase circulation. We offer the best quality magnetic body wraps at great prices. From your neck down to the soles of your feet, if you need a magnetic body wrap we have them here and at our usual low internet prices.

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We now offer Eucalyptus Oil at amazing prices: 4oz for only $12.00.

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There are indicators dating back thousands of years that ancient Chinese, Japanese and Egyptians used magnets for healing. Descriptions of magnetic therapy have also been found in the works of Aristotle, Plato and Homer. They wrote of using the therapy to help paralysis, rheumatic disorders and swollen joints, among other things. Cleopatra evidently wore a magnetic amulet on her forehead to maintain her youth.

Particularly in countries in the former East Bloc, a large number of experiments have been conducted using electromagnetic instruments, with which specific healing frequencies are generated. William Pawluk, the American physician and vice president of the former North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy, summarized the results of 30 years of research on magnetic therapy in Eastern Europe, and spent 20 years experimenting with magnets on himself and many others. Summarizing his findings, he says, �Actually, people are not biochemical but magnetic. My experience is that many chronic diseases are the direct result of disturbances in our magnetic fields. Unfortunately, science currently sees the body mainly as a biochemical unit and is therefore primarily pharmaceutically oriented.�

Pawluk is enthusiastic about the results of research in Eastern Europe, which he details together with Czech researcher Jiri Jerabek in the book Magnetic Therapy in Eastern Europe, A Review of 30 years of Research. Pawluk�s conclusion: �Magnets speed up the healing process, decrease pain and increase blood flow, which means you have more oxygen and waste products are eliminated more quickly. They also have a direct effect on biochemical processes in cells. Even after therapy has ended, its effects continue for weeks.�

Physics has many theories about how this works. One of the things we know with good certainty is that electromagnetic fields induce current or charge in the tissues of the body. That is, they help the body generate more energy. Pawluk: �In one example, in wound healing, typically only a small percent of the genes controlling wound healing are turned on. With pulsed magnetic fields upwards of 85% of the genes are turned on. This means a faster and stronger healing response. The wound healing is less likely to stall and get complications.

Professor Wolfgang Kafka believes that because of the many disturbances from new technologies, the earth�s natural magnetic field cannot always supply us with enough energy for vitality and health. �With the help of an electromagnetic field, molecules can be spurred on to greater activity,� he says. �As a result, chemical reactions�and, hence, healing processes�speed up.� For example, it has been shown that electromagnets can speed up the blood flow in capillaries by 300 percent within five minutes.

Because magnetic therapy spurs the body to dispose more quickly of waste materials and speeds up the healing process, William Pawluk considers it ideal in combination with every other therapy: �Chemotherapy research shows that cancer cells are killed twice as fast when magnets are used. That means you need half as much medicine to achieve the same result.� Magnetic therapy also appears to be exceptionally useful for �daily maintenance�. It helps eliminate built-up tension and rid the body of accumulated poisons. Pawluk estimates that 70 to 80 percent of all the problems physicians hear about from their patients on a daily basis are stress-related. �These cumulative stresses, often so small as to be unnoticeable, gradually accumulate and like grains of sand over time, can create a desert. Magnetic fields blow away the accumulating grains before there are too many.�

Evidence is mounting that electromagnetic fields are vital forces that can stimulate remarkable healing. George Burke writes in his book Magnetic Therapy: �Healing is nothing other than restoring the regulating ability of the magnetic force.� He concludes that magnetic therapy quickly increases the influx of vital power in the body and remagnetizes it, restoring its ability to organize itself. �This gives the body back its natural magnetic power.� The power of magnetic therapy is that it works directly on so many illnesses at their very essence�a lack of life force and harmony in the patient�s system. As a primal force in the universe and in our bodies, magnetism is part of the very foundation of health.

Source: Ode Magazine


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