Women's Vitamins With Vitamin K

Women's Vitamin Formula with Vitamin K Plus Women's Herbs for Extra Energy and Hormonal Balance

Our women's vitamin formula has the proper amounts of Vitamin A and includes much more Vitamin K (from greens) than other formulas (ranging from 5% up to 40%).

A growing body of science is linking vitamin K to bone health benefits, as well as lower risks of atherosclerosis and cancer of the liver and potential roles in blood clotting and dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation).

If you're between the ages of 18 and 44, there's a good chance you do not get enough vitamin K. Our women's vitamin formula has 100% of the amount needed to help you during times of heavy menstruation. Vitamin K is known to be needed to coagulate blood and to maintain proper bone density. It plays a key role in proper development of the fetus. Deficiencies of vitamin K have been linked to: heavy menstrual bleeding, nosebleeds, easy bruising, birth defects, osteoporosis and fractures.

Women's Vitamins contain:

In addition to vitamin K, the main sources of critical nutrients and vitamins for women at reproductive age are calcium, iron, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin B12, vitamin A and carotenes.

Our women's vitamin formula also has 250 mg of SPIRULINA (Hawaiian) - spirulina has many health benefits. It is the highest source of natural Beta-Carotene, Vitamin D and GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid). Spirulina contains all nine essential Amino Acids. It is extremely high in natural protein, much higher than beef. It contains 26 times the calcium of milk and has a good supply of niacin and phosphorus.

DONG QUAI 4:1 concentrate extract is in this special formula. Dong Quai is known to be a woman's herb to help with many functions in her life cycle, such as: menstrual disorders and regulation, PMS, spasms, hot flashes, prolapsed uterus, and childbirth. If none of these problems are existing, then this vitamin combination can help protect you from future problems. If these problems are still present, then additional capsules of Dong Quai may be added.

SIBERIAN GINSENG 4:1 concentrate extract is also included. This is the safest ginseng that women can take with no side-effects of unwanted hair growth. Siberian ginseng is perfectly safe for her and helps with energy, endurance, longevity, anxiety, depression, and hemorrhaging.

WILD YAM extract is added especially to work with the above herbs in like manner, including relief from morning sickness, menstrual cramps, gas and bowel spasms, etc.

ROYAL JELLY is for the skin and also the above mentioned problems. SILICA is for the skin, nails, and tissue.

CHASTE BERRY in a 10:1 concentrate extract is a very definite special addition to HER Vitamins for those times of mental and physical stress brought on by menstruation and menopause.

SOY ISOFLAVONES 40% concentrate contains all the active isoflavones in this special formula. Isoflavones have had national press recognition as to the possible benefits for all women. It helps the immune system, hormone balance, and aids for those who cannot digest or absorb protein�the building blocks of the body. Add these special additions to HER Women's Vitamins & minerals, along with the other balanced nutrients, and see the positive difference in how you feel. This product has been tested and proven for excellence.

Not only are you getting the right ratio of vitamins and minerals, you are also obtaining women's herbs for extra energy and hormonal balance.

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