Garlic (Odor Controlled) Supplements

Garlic (Odor Controlled) supplements help with cholesterol and inflammation and contain natural antibiotics and are effective against bacteria while protecting the body's normal flora.

Known as one of nature's antibiotics or Russian Penicillin, Garlic is a wonderful herb for building health. It has the ability to stimulate cell growth and has a super rejuvenative effect on the entire body. Garlic supplements help to open up the blood vessels and helps reduce blood pressure especially when Capsicum herb is added.

Some of the positive benefits of garlic supplements are: asthma, bronchitis, cancer, candida, cholesterol, circulation, colds, digestion, fungus, heart, high blood pressure, infections, intestinal worms, inflammation, liver, lungs, prostate and yeast infections.

Compounds in garlic have been shown to be an effective treatment for malaria.
The finding provides yet more evidence that eating the humble bulb is an effective way to ward off a range of diseases.

Research reveals the broad applications of this "miracle" herb. Garlic bulbs contain the amino acid allicin. When crushed, allicin is released. This chemical element is the component that gives Garlic its strong odor and is responsible for the powerful pharmacological properties of the plant. One medium clove of Garlic can equal the antibacterial action equivalent to 1% penicillin.

Uses for garlic and its preparations cover cardiovascular effects (lipid, blood pressure and blood sugar lowering, and fibrinolytic activity); chemoprevention; antimicrobial, antifungal, antiprotozoal, and antioxidant activities; and immunologic activity, among others. By 1996 there were at least 1,808 scientific studies (chemical, pharmacological, clinical, and epidemiological) investigating the activities of garlic.

Pharmacological and clinical studies have been published in the following areas: antimicrobial effects, anticancer effects, effect on blood sugar levels, cholesterol, immune stimulation, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant, as well as additional studies researching other areas.

In the areas of cardiovascular effects, the studies break down as follows: blood lipids, blood pressure, blood fibrinolysis, coagulation and flow, platelet aggregation and atherosclerosis.

A comprehensive and detailed review of the therapeutic aspects of garlic and its preparations is provided in a book dealing with the history, chemistry, and medical aspects of the herb (Koch and Lawson, 1996). Numerous studies are outlined´┐Żall conducted on garlic as a food or in dietary supplement or pharmaceutical preparations. Also cited are 9 epidemiological studies correlating cancer prevention and garlic consumption as food.

Garlic also contains about 0.5% of a volatile oil that is composed of sulfur-containing compounds. Garlic's sulfur compounds, in addition to Selenium and Vitamins A and C containing compounds, make it a potent antioxidant, protecting cell membranes and DNA from damage and disease.

Although Garlic directly attacks bacteria and viruses, it also stimulates the body's natural defenses against foreign invaders. Garlic is reported to be more effective than penicillin against typhus disease, and works well against strep, staph bacteria, and the organisms responsible for cholera, dysentery and enteritis.

It is generally regarded as a preventative measure for colds, flu and other infectious diseases. Furthermore, scientific studies reveal that garlic stimulates the production of the liver's own detoxifying enzymes which neutralize carcinogens and other environmental toxins. It has also been used to rid the body of intestinal parasites and to treat digestive infections.

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men. But a 2002 study shows that filling your diet with garlic and scallions can help reduce the chance of this potentially deadly cancer.

Garlic and scallions, along with onions, leeks, chives, and shallots, are rich in flavonols, substances in plants that have been shown to have antitumor effects. All of these vegetables have previously been linked to lower risks of cancers of the stomach, colon, esophagus, and perhaps breast.

New research from China confirms that eating vegetables from the allium group (allium is Latin for garlic) can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. The study found that men who ate more than 10 grams a day of these common vegetables were half as likely to get prostate cancer than those who ate less than 2.2 grams per day. Garlic and scallions had the greatest effect on the more than 700 men studied.

Published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, the study looked at 20 different food groups. While other foods also have similar antioxidant properties, researchers focused exclusively on these vegetables because they are known to contain components which block toxic substances in the system, stimulate the immune system, and repair DNA.

Study leader Ann W. Hsing, PhD, found that although fruits and vegetables slightly reduced prostate cancer, the lower risk associated with allium vegetables was much more pronounced. In addition, the researchers found that the protection from these foods persisted even after other dietary factors were considered. Hsing is from the division of cancer epidemiology and genetics at the National Cancer Institute.

Cooking with Garlic helps, but the active parts can be destroyed. There are 50 compounds in Garlic and 10 of them are active in reducing cancer, so it is best taken raw. This leads to a problem of social acceptance (the smell). Most odor-less Garlics have the active compounds reduced or removed. This could cause the product to be less effective.

Femhealth's odor-controlled Garlic supplements have all 50 compounds in their raw state, but it has been formulated with generous amounts of Aloe and Chlorophyll for digestion and utilization in the lower stomach, thereby reducing most, if not all of the so called Garlic breath.

83-1 Garlic Odor-Controlled Concentrate 650mg 60 tablets $15.95

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