New Sun Flower Essence Emotion Balancing Blends

A new approach to balancing emotions

Balance emotions with New Sun Flower Essence Blends alcohol free with oxygen and laser enriched BTC glycerated water for adults, children and pets in handy spray bottle.

Disease of the body itself is nothing but the result of the disharmony between soul and mind. Remove the disharmony, and we regain harmony between soul and mind, and the body is once more perfect in all its parts. - Edward Bach

Our flower blends energetic formulas represent a revolutionary leap in emotional healing. These special formulas work to balance emotions and subtle energy flows throughout the body by targeting specific energy centers, which in turn benefits physical health and well-being. They are especially helpful for both children and adults with ADD - (Attention Deficit Disorder) and auto-immune diseases.

Flower essences were developed in the UK, 75 years ago, by Dr. Edward Bach, using the energetic essences of flowers in homeopathic doses in an alcohol/water base. Our flower essence blends have improved upon Bach's original formulas.

These 12 products are completely alcohol-free in a glycerine base and contain over 60 different flower essence signatures, combined professionally to elicit specific emotional responses.

By addressing the chakras or emotional energy center imbalances, many emotional and physical conditions within the mind/body/emotions of an individual begin to resolve and clear up.

The emotional energy centers are keyed to specific physical body systems. Each emotional energy center has a specific set of emotional characteristics and becomes imbalanced when one or more of these centers becomes overactive or suppressed.

Peace and Calming Flower Essence Blend - 0

This flower blend formula reduces mind chatter (Pituitary): Activates, strengthens and builds a connection with universal wholeness, conquering addiction and promotes purposeful living.

It calms the mind, which can help with centering, creating quiet moments and promotes restful sleep.

It ties to the putuitary gland and endocrine system.

7-40 Peace and Calming Flower Blend 1 fl oz spray pump $17.95

Awareness Flower Essence Blend - 1

This flower blend formula is for inner seeing (Pineal): Activates, strengthens and builds intuitive awareness.

It supports a practical and grounded spirituality, realistic thinking and caring of others.

It ties to the pineal galand and endocrine system.

7-41 Awareness Flower Blend 1 fl oz spray pump $17.95

Intuitive Flower Essence Blend - 2

This flower blend formula is for creative thinking (Right Brain):
Activates, strengthens and builds right brain spatial capabilities.

It promotes creative thinking, omni-awareness, a calm "cool" mind and feelings of timelessness.

It ties to the right brain.

7-42 Intuitive Flower Blend 1 fl oz spray pump $17.95

Self Control Flower Essence Blend - 3

This flower blend formula is for rational thinking (Left Brain):
Activates, builds and sharpens left-brain's linear thought capabilities.

It promotes focused mental alertness and clarity. It increases rational thinking and self-control.

It ties to the left brain.

7-43 Self Control Flower Blend 1 fl oz spray pump $17.95

Communication Flower Essence Blend - 4

This flower blend formula is for thoughts and feelings (Thyroid):
Activates, strengthens and builds dynamic and effective communication of thoughts and feelings.

It promotes caring and outward-looking attitudes and actions.

It ties to body metabolism and the overall hormonal system.

7-53 Communication Flower Blend 1 fl oz spray pump $17.95

Love and Warmth Flower Essence Blend - 5

This flower blend formula is for giving (Heart):
Activates, strengthens and builds feelings of love and warmth.

It promotes a healthy expression of grief and sadness and the ability to love without possessiveness.

It ties to the heart and circulatory system.

7-45 Love and Warmth Flower Blend 1 fl oz spray pump $17.95

Self Esteem Flower Essence Blend - 6

This flower blend formula is for self-esteem and image (Thymus):
Activates, strengthens and builds self-esteem.

It promotes setting and maintaining appropriate boundaries and a confident sense of values and inner integrity.

It ties to immune system function.

7-46 Self Esteem Flower Blend 1 fl oz spray pump $17.95

Emotionally Centered Flower Essence Blend - 7

This flower blend formula is for positive responses (Adrenals):
Activates, strengthens and builds emotional responses to act positively from within.

It promotes being calm, emotionally centered and mentally focused.

It ties to adrenal glands for energy levels.

7-47 Emotionally Centered Flower Blend 1 fl oz spray pump $17.95

Pleasure in Life Flower Essence Blend - 8

This flower blend formula is for good memories (Pancreas):
Activates, strengthens and builds the playful 'inner child' and helps to find pleasure in life.

It also supports the ability to fondly remember good memories.

It ties to pancreas and blood sugars/insulin balance and the endocrine system.

7-48 Pleasure in Life Flower Blend 1 fl oz spray pump $17.95

Balanced Emotions Flower Essence Blend - 9

This flower blend formula is for good feelings (Liver):
Activates, strengthens and builds warming of emotions and dispels depressive emotions.

It promotes appropriate handling of anger and feelings of helplessness.

It ties to the hepatic system.

7-49 Balanced Emotions Flower Blend 1 fl oz spray pump $17.95

Confidence - Nurturing Flower Essence Blend - 10

This flower blend formula is for satisfaction (Bowels):
Activates, strengthens and builds the emotional qualities of nuturing oneself.

It supports confidence, satisfaction and positive self-esteem.

It ties to the digestive system and navel.

7-50 Confidence and Nurturing Flower Blend 1 fl oz spray pump $17.95

Anchored - Grounded Flower Essence Blend - 11

This flower blend formula is for (Reproductive):
Activates, strengthens and builds a healthy grounded state.

It helps with connecting on an intimate, interactive "felt" and realized level.

It ties to the reproductive system.

7-52 Anchored Grounded Flower Blend 1 fl oz spray pump $17.95

How to select the right flower essence formula

Each formula is linked to an emotional picture and an organ or gland. They are listed in what is called the "equals eleven system" and are numbered 0-11.

Select the formula that you percieve to be your biggest deficiency. You may wish to ask a friend or partner to help you find the one you need the most work on.

For example, if you are selecting a formula for your child, and she has poor self-esteem, then this is the one, number 6, that you should select.

If you need to improve your communication skills the most and you percieve this is your biggest deficiency, select number 4.

You can also muscle test for the deficiency. In this case your test will go weak for the deficiency that needs support.

Directions for use:
One to four sprays under your tongue as needed and leave there for a minute. Use only one formula at a time, but more than one can be used during a day.

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