Maitake Reishi Beta Glucan Combination Formula

Maitake Reishi Beta Glucan mushroom herbal formula immune booster kick starts the immune system into action.

$19.95 potent adaptogens and anti-cancer and immune enhancing herbs.

Benefits of Maitake & Reishi Mushrooms:

Historically, maitake and reishi mushrooms have been used as a tonic and adaptogen. Research shows much success against Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, helps to control allergies, lower cholesterol and blood clots, reduces stress, strengthens the heart, protects the liver, helps normalize blood pressure, and supports adrenal function. These mushroom are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. They help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy for cancer. They also were used as a food to help promote wellness and vitality. A common denominator among mushroom adaptogens is the presence of complex polysaccharides in their structure. The polysaccharides present in maitake have a unique structure and are among the most powerful to be studied to date. The primary polysaccharide, beta-D-glucan, is well absorbed when taken orally.

Beta Glucan has over 1,600 research papers ranging across 40 years, a majority of this health related research on Beta Glucan has been completed at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, including Harvard Medical School, Tulane University, National Cancer Institute, Department of Defense and the Department of Agriculture, just to name a few. These studies have been performed on literally every health condition / disease known to humanity, and time and time again Beta Glucan has proven itself to be second to none.

Beta Glucan is a unique compound derived from the cell walls of yeast. Beta Glucan triggers an immune response in the body creating a system of defense against viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic or neoplastic invaders. Beta Glucan also has potent antioxidant and free radical scavenging capabilities and is yeast free.

Beta Glucan works by activating the macrophages, or immune cells, which trap and engulf foreign substances, similar to the way a "Pac Man" works in the popular game. Also, the activated cells of Beta Glucan start a cascade of events that cause the entire system to be alerted and mobilized, in an entirely naturally activated sequence. The result is an amplified immune system response by Beta Glucan until the "invaders" are defeated.

Beta Glucan activated macrophages are able to scavenge debris and cellular breakdown caused by radiation. In today's world it is impossible to avoid some forms of radiation, such as:
computer monitors, airline travel, X-rays, mammograms, high tension power lines, proximity to nuclear power facilities, and UV rays from the Sun.

Who Can Benefit From Femhealth's Beta Glucan?

People with impaired immunity from any cause benefit from Beta Glucan; including those who are susceptible to infectious diseases, people with HIV -AIDS infection. People undergoing radiation or chemotherapy benefit from Beta Glucan, people over 40 whose immune system begins to slow through the aging process, the elderly, people who are exposed to radiation from external sources such as UV, or electromagnetic fields. People who are in a chronic disease state or who have diabetes, people with poor nutrition or who consume food preservatives benefit from Beta Glucan. People under physical or emotional stress, athletes and those who work out extensively, people with high risk of cardiovascular disease all benefit from Beta Glucan.

"Glucan (Beta 1,3) has been shown to enhance macrophage function dramatically, and to increase nonspecific host resistance to a variety of bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic infections"
M. L. Patchen, Ph.D., Dept. of Experimental Hematology and Radiation Sciences, Armed Forces Radio Biology Research Institute

"A cascade of interactions and reactions initiated by macrophage regulatory can be envisioned to occur and to eventuate in conversion of the glucan treated host to an arsenal of defense"
Joyce K. Czop Ph.D., Dept. of Rheumatology and Immunology, Harvard Medical School

"These studies show, unequivocally, that Glucan (Beta 1,3) has an action not only on macrophages, as was originally thought, but also on B lymphocytes and on suppresser T cells"
P. Mansell, M.D., McGill University Cancer Research Unit, Victoria Hospital, Montreal, Canada

"Beta (1,3) Glucan is different from traditional supplements because it has earned credibility through testing at respected institutions like Harvard Medical School, Baylor University, Tulane and the University of Kentucky"
J. Brownholtz, Ph.D., researcher and professor of Sports and Nutritional Medicine at University of Miami:

"I've seen allergies alleviated, diabetes controlled, tumors reduced, fungal infections disappear, pneumonia and the common cold abated, and auto immune diseases such as Lupus, MS, and Crohn's Disease improved drastically. When you consider how this product called Beta 1,3 Glucan enhances the immune system, its uses are almost unlimited"
R. McCarran, Ph.D. in Orthomolecular Science.

Femhealth's Maitake Reishi Beta Glucan Combination is an excellent value. Order some for yourself or a family member today.

48-5 Beta Glucan 300mg 90 capsules $19.95

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