B - 6 Vitamins

B-6 Vitamins can reduce nausea and vomiting for morning sickness and play an important role in assuring proper chemical balance in the body tissues and in the blood stream


The primary role of Vitamin B-6 is in assuring proper chemical balance in the body tissues and in the blood stream. In as much that Vitamin B-6 is essential in helping the body produce niacin (Vitamin B-3), a deficiency of B-6 may indicate a lower level of B-3. Vitamin B-6 is essential for the production of antibodies and red blood cells. It also helps maintain salt and water balances, and helps convert fats and proteins into useful energy. Women who take birth control pills and those people whose diets are high in protein may need extra Vitamin B-6.

Benefits of Vitamin B-6:

  • Helps control cholesterol level in the blood

  • Helps treat anemia

  • Helps reduce muscle spasms, especially cramps which may occur at night

  • Helps ease air and sea sickness

  • Promotes resistance to ear infections

  • Helps prevent kidney and gallstones

  • Helps with nausea, especially morning sickness. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend taking Vitamin B-6 as a first-line treatment for morning sickness.

  • Vitamin B-6 is one of the more studied nutrients for morning sickness. Several well-designed studies have shown that vitamin B6 can reduce nausea and vomiting within one week of use. One trial gave pregnant women 75 mg per day of vitamin B-6 or a placebo for three days. Women with moderate to severe morning sickness experienced a significant reduction in symptoms, while women taking placebo experienced no change. In another, larger study, pregnant women were given 30 mg of vitamin B-6 per day or placebo for five days, with similar results. The findings from these studies suggest that oral vitamin B-6 may help alleviate symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

    Ingredients: Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride). For morning sickness, take half a tablet twice a day.

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