Remedies for Allergy Relief

Natural relief for treatment of allergies, hay fever, food and chemical sensitivities, nasal congestion, sore throats, sneezing, coughs - natural allergy medicine - remedies to breathe free without antihistamines.

Substances which cause allergies are called 'allergens'. There are over 300 environmental agents which are known to cause allergies. Allergens which commonly cause allergic symptoms include house-dust mites, cats and dogs, tree pollens, weed pollens, grass pollens, moulds, food substances (e.g. egg, milk), bee venoms and antibiotics (e.g. For fast relief of head & nasal congestionPenicillin, Sulphonamides). 80% of allergic children are allergic to the house-dust mite.

Less common are people allergic to occupational substances (e.g. paint, wood dust, rubber, cotton, latex), pets (e.g. rats, guinea pigs, birds and mice), other medications (e.g. anti-inflammatory drugs), and even to certain anaesthetic agents. Rarely patients are allergic to exotic fruits, vegetables, parasites and insects (e.g. anti-inflammatory drugs), and even to certain anaesthetic agents.

Indications for Use:For fast relief of head & nasal congestion; mucus discharges; sneezing; cough; hoarseness; sore throat; red, itchy or watery eyes; sensitivity to light; ears that ring or itch; dry mucus membranes or lips.

Allergies & Hay Fever Ingredients:

Allium Cepa � Ambrosia Artemisiaefolia � Arsenicum Album � Arundo Muritanica � Arum Triphyllum � Euphrasia Officinalis � Sabadilla � Naphthalinum � Natrum Muriaticum � Wyethia Helenioides. Each ingredient is in equal volumes of 10x, 30x, and 100x potencies in a pure water base.

10-19 Allergy Hay Fever Reliever 2 fl oz spray pump $18.95

Allergy Food & Chemical Relief

Chemical sensitivity is generally accepted as a reaction to chemicals.

The National Academy of Sciences reports that 95% of the chemicals used in fragrances today are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum, including known toxins capable of causing cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders and allergic reactions. Many of the same chemicals in perfumes are the same chemicals that are in cigarette smoke.

Indoor air contains a complex mixture of biological and chemical pollutants. Depending on such factors as the sensitivity of the occcupants and pollutant concentration, exposure to these pollutants may result in a number of harmful health effects. Some people become sick to tiny amounts of chemical pollutants. These people are said to have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Indications for Use: For fast relief of mucus congestion, headaches, gas & bloating, itchiness, mild sweating, sensitivity to smell, difficulty thinking, mood swings, irritability - Associated with consuming certain foods, exposure to chemical irritants, or over sensitivity to the environment.

Allergy/Food & Chemical Relief Ingredients: Allium Sativum, Anacardium Orientale, Apis Mellifica, Gambogia, Mercurius Solubilis, Natrum Carbonicum, Nitricum Acidum, Nux Vomica, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, Sulphur. Each ingredient is in equal volumes of 10x, 30x, and 100x potencies in a pure water base.

47-27 10-16 Allergy Food & Chemical Relief 2 fl oz spray pump $18.95

Chemical Metal Detox Formula

Chemical and metal poisoning weakens the immune system and can even cause allergies, arthritis, and cancer. Chem Met Detox can be a big help with chemical/metal sensitivities.

Chemical and metal toxins and poisons are getting out of control. Help stop their build-up and clean them out of your system with the assistance of CHEM/MET.

It helps remove petroleum based chemicals and metal poisons, including: lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, copper, food additives, pesticides, dry cleaning residue, preservatives, carbon monoxide, sprays, household and industrial chemicals, fertilizer, air pollution, and even the water we bathe in and drink!

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome is marked by multiple symptoms in multiple organ systems (usually the neurological, immune, respiratory, skin, "GI," and/or musculoskeletal) that recur chronically in response to multiple chemical exposures. MCS usually starts with either an acute or chronic toxic exposure, after which this initial sensitivity broadens to include many other chemicals and common irritants (pesticides, perfumes and other scented products, fuels, food additives, carpets, building materials, etc.).

MCS Symptoms commonly include difficulty breathing, sleeping and/or concentrating, memory loss, migraines, nausea, abdominal pain, chronic fatigue, aching joints and muscles, and irritated eyes, nose, ears, throat and/or skin. In addition, some with MCS show impaired balance and increased sensitivity not just to odors but also to loud noises, bright lights, touch, extremes of heat and cold, and electromagnetic fields.

MCS Studies show about 2/3 of those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia also have MCS (and vice versa), as do 1/2 of those with allergies. Like CFS, MCS is more common in women and can start at any age, but usually begins in late puberty to mid-life. There is no unique test for MCS, but immune, porphyrin, EEG, balance, and SPECT scan abnormalities are common.

Ingredients include:

Astragalus, Rhubarb root, Red Clover, Squash Seed, Licorice Root, Okra Root, Condurango Dulse, Aloe, L-Cysteine, L-Methionine, Taurine, L-Givcine, Alphaketoglutarate, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Zinc chelate - in our exclusive Earth Zyme base, a natural source of mineral cultures and trace elements derived from ancient sea deposits.

FH-71-0 Chem Met 90 capsules $14.95

Asthma Allergy Emergency Drops

Nutra-Lizer neutralizes allergic reactions and poisons quickly - saving a trip to the emergency room.

Allergies are a nuisance! To those who suffer from the effects of pollens, molds, animals, etc. - Nutra-lizer is a life saver. It helps the immune system in fighting the itching, sneezing, runny nose and red eyes. It could save you a trip to the Emergency Room at your local hospital.

It works to neutralize poisons in the body fast! If you have a serious food allergy, such as shellfish, and you accidentially consume a shrimp at a restaurant, Nutra-Lizer can provide fast relief. It also combats the effects of bites from insects, spiders, and snakes.

Available in 1 or 4 oz. dropper bottle.

A must for every first aid kit!

72-7 Nutralizer 1 oz. $15.95

72-3 Nutralizer 4 oz. $44.95

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