Ultra Trim Senna Tea for Weight Loss

Weight problems often are digestion and constipation problems. Try Herbal Lax Tea for weight loss!

We could be carrying up to 10 pounds of waste around along with the poisons and toxins from the waste. Those who have bowel problems, if overweight or underweight, could benefit from the cleansing effect of this tea.

Senna, along with natural spices help curb the appetite and has a toning effect on the digestive system while effectively cleansing the colon.

Do not take during pregnancy and do not give to children. This tea is helpful in decreasing jaundice and eliminating worms.

People in Africa and Asia have used senna as a laxative for centuries. It is considered a cleansing herb because of its cathartic effect.

Senna contains anthraquinone glycosides known as sennosides. These molecules are converted by the normal bacteria in the colon into rhein-anthrone, which in turn has two effects. It first stimulates colon activity and thus speeds bowel movements. Second, it increases fluid secretion by the colon. Together, these actions work to get a sluggish colon functional again. Several studies confirm the benefit of senna in treating constipation. Constipation induced by drugs such as the anti-diarrhea medicine loperamide (Imodium®) is improved by senna.

Ingredients: Cassia Acutifolia (Senna), Locust Plant, Natural Spices

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