Thyroid Cell Salt Herbal Formula

This powerful herbal combination helps in supporting Hypothyroid (low-under active) and Goiter. It's beneficial for those overweight when under active thyroid is involved and is a great support for all thyroid functions.

A very powerful combination helpful for Hypothyroid disorders. Many conditions may be caused by underlying thyroid problem such as obesity, chronic fatigue, general body aches, slow heart rate, tingling in the hands, thin, dull, lifeless hair and other conditions.

The thyroid produces hormones that affect your body's metabolism and energy level. Thyroid problems are among the most common medical conditions but, because their symptoms often appear gradually, they are commonly misdiagnosed. The two most common thyroid problems are the underactive thyroid and the overactive thyroid.

HYPOTHYROIDISM (Underactive thyroid)

The most common cause of hypothyroidism is Hashimoto's thyroiditis. In this condition, the body's immune system mistakenly attacks the thyroid gland.

Common symptoms of hypothyroidism are:

  • Fatigue or lack of energy

  • Weight gain

  • Feeling cold

  • Dry skin and hair

  • Heavy menstrual periods

  • Constipation

  • slowed thinking

DIAGNOSIS of hypothyroidism is usually straightforward, once it is suspected. Patients with hypothyroidism due to Hashimoto's thyroiditis have an elevated level of serum TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). However, the rare patient with hypothyroidism due to a pituitary or hypothalamic condition may have a normal or low serum TSH.

TREATMENT of hypothyroidism consists of taking thyroid hormone in pill form on a daily basis. Symptoms of hypothyroidism should clear up within a few months of starting treatment. Adjustment of the dose of thyroid pills is based upon measurements of serum TSH.

HYPERTHYROIDISM (Overactive Thyroid)

The most common cause of hyperthyroidism is Graves' disease. This occurs when the body's immune system overstimulates the thyroid.

Common Jitteriness, shaking, increased nervousness, irritability

  • Rapid heart beat or palpitations

  • Feeling hot

  • Weight loss

  • Fatigue, feeling exhausted

  • More frequent bowel movements

Shorter or lighter menstrual periods

In addition to symptoms of hyperthyroidism, some patients with Graves' disease develop eye symptoms such as a stare, eye irritation, bulging of the eyes and, occasionally, double vision or loss of vision.

DIAGNOSIS is straightforward if suspected. However, patients are sometimes evaluated for other conditions, such as cancer or heart problems, if the doctor doesn't think of hyperthyroidism. The diagnosis is best made by finding an elevated level of Free T4 and low level of TSH in the blood. A thyroid scan should then be performed to determine whether the hyperthyroidism is due to Graves' disease or another condition such as toxic multinodular goiter, hot nodule, subacute thyroiditis, or silent thyroiditis. There are other, rare, cases of hyperthyroidism that usually require the expertise of an endocrinologist for diagnosis.

Contains: Cell Salts, Kelp, Bladderwrack, Dulse and other seaweed as available.

FH-47-12 Thyroid Cell Salt Formula 4 oz. $39.95

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