Herbal Remedy For Night-Time Leg Cramps

Nocturnal leg cramps or a "charley horse" disappear in a few minutes with Spaz Leg Cramp Relief.

In an emergency you can rely on SPAZ. When that cramp in your leg, toes or anywhere in the body suddenly comes, simply take 20 or more drops in a small amount of liquid and see how fast relief arrives. The herbs in this formula are historically known as anti-spasmodic, nervine, tonic and sedative in their action.

For many of us, it is an all-too-familiar scenario: You're sleeping peacefully when a painful sensation suddenly pierces your leg, jolting you awake. If you've been an unwilling host to this nighttime visitor, you have plenty of company. Studies show that about 70% of adults older than 50 experience nocturnal leg cramps.

Nocturnal leg cramps are sudden, involuntary contractions of the calf muscles that occur during the night or while at rest. The cramps can affect persons in any age-group, but they tend to occur in middle-aged and older populations. Sometimes muscles in the soles of the feet also cramp.

Research has not identified precisely what causes nighttime muscle cramps. The problem is most likely with the nerves controlling the muscles rather than with the muscles themselves. Some research points to a problem with the transition from wakefulness to sleep.

Many people can attest to the fast results in crisis situations with severe cramping, spasms, hysteria, twitching, neuralgia, palsy, tremors and pain. Prevent those annoying leg cramps! Order some today.

89-1 SPAZ 1 oz $15.95
90-1 SPAZ 4 oz $39.95

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If you have persistent leg cramping you may also want to try taking 400 I.U. of vitamin E on a regular basis. Studies have shown positive relief for patients with various types of leg cramps that used vitamin E. Also increasing the amount of potassium in the diet has shown positive results.

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