Herbal Toxin Cleanse Formula

Herbal Toxin Cleanse Formula has the same ingredients as Rene Caisse's anti-cancer Essiac formula: Sheep Sorrel, Burdock, Slippery Elm, Red Clover Tops, Rhubarb

This formula is a special combination of selected herbs to help those that have heavy toxic conditions that could be life threatening, if not addressed.

This formula was taken in part from a time tested product developed outside the U.S. that has been touted for years to help people in the early stages of tumors and cancers. It also is effective as a liver and blood cleanser.

The main herb, SHEEP SORREL makes up approximately 50% of the formula. It dates back to the 1700s and was first used in Europe and came to the U.S. which was used in a bitter tasting salad for its Vitamin C and Oxalic acid content. Sheep sorrel along with the other herbs, can make an excellent poultice (mix the powder with a small amount of Yew Salve and Aloe Gel). Sheep sorrel is a fine herb for kidney problems. It helps loosen and dissolve gravel form the kidneys. It also helps the skin.

BURDOCK is well known for its many positive functions in the body. An entire book could be written on this powerful and yet extremely safe herb. It is good for balancing the entire body and is recommended to be used during pregnancy. Burdock is best known as the king of the blood purifiers. As a single herb it has been added to arthritis programs because of its ability to reduce swelling around the joints. It helps clean the blood very fast and also reduces harmful acids in the entire body. Burdock contains a natural occurring insulin (approx. 30%) which is important in the metabolism of carbohydrates and is safe for those with blood sugar problems. It helps the pituitary gland to release proper amounts of protein, thus helping to maintain a healthy hormone balance. A few of the positive effects of Burdock are: Abscesses (internal) Acne Allergies Boils Cancer Canker sores Colds Gout Hemorrhoids Herpes High & low blood sugar Kidney Liver Lymphatic congestion Poison Ivy Poison Oak Skin disorders Syphilis Tumors

RED CLOVER has some of the same effects as Burdock. Red Clover can be used by children, making it another safe but very effective blood purifier. It can be an effective liver and gall bladder herb. It is also helpful to cleanse and soothe the body. Red clover tops are the most effective part of the plant and has been used for years in the treatment of cancer. It is a tonic for nerves and is helpful for nervous exhaustion. Some of Red Clover's many uses are: Acne Aids Cancer Bladder problems

New information shows that Red Clover protects the heart in pre and post menopausal women, it should be taken as a single herb to be more beneficial.

SLIPPERY ELM - Many herbalists go to Slippery Elm to help heal the GI tract, where it can sooth and provide nutrition for spastic colon, diarrhea, diaper rash, digestive disorders, lungs and ulcers. In this special blend, Slippery Elm has been added for it's soothing qualities on the colon, due to the strong cleansing effect of the other herbs. Sometimes it may be suggested to take Slippery Elm in larger amounts by using the bulk powder and mixing with warm water. Capsules also work well when using Slippery Elm by itself; however six to eight may be taken at a time. It is less expensive to take a tablespoon of the powder and the benefits are felt much faster.

RHUBARB - A small amount has been added to support the other herbs in their action to purge impurities from the body through the colon. Rhubarb is a natural laxative that is needed to complete the cleanse that is needed for any serious condition.

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