Red Clover Cleanse Liquid Herbal Extract Formula

Red Clover Blend Formula is a cleanser, detoxifier, and tonic for the blood, liver, lymphatic system, kidneys, skin, and metabolic waste.

Today, the concept of cleansing and detoxification has become very important, considering the environmental poisons and toxins all around us. Air pollution, auto exhaust (carbon monoxide), chemical sprays, fertilizers, chemically treated drinking water, preservatives, processed food and food additives.

Taken from a time-tested formula and adding the potent yew - Taxus brevifolia, Oregon Grape, dulse, kelp - using only herbs from their natural habitat. They are hand harvested, carefully cleaned and dried, never irradiated or fumigated (sprayed). Red Clover Blend provides support for some of the most serious health concerns.

Red Clover's antibiotic properties have been used for many types of bacterial skin diseases, and a remedy for wasting type diseases. The first cancer clinic in Mexico, founded by Dr. Hoxsey, used Red Clover tops in his treatment. Red Clover helps the liver and gall bladder by its stimulating action.

There is no medical evidence that red clover can help cancer, however, its usage in many parts of the world as a traditional cancer remedy has prompted scientists to take a close look at the herb. It turns out that the isoflavones in Red Clover may possess antitumor activity.

Red Clover is sometimes recommended for the treatment of acne, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin diseases. Red Clover is one of the most useful remedies for children with skin problems. It may be used with complete safety for childhood eczema. It may also be of value in other chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis. The expectorant and anti-spasmodic action give this remedy a role in the treatment of coughs, bronchitis and whooping cough.

A supplement containing Red Clover isoflavones reduced breast pain by 44%, reports David Ingram, MD, director of the Breast Centre at Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital in Perth, Australia. His study is published in a recent issue of The Breast Journal.

Premenstrual breast pain is related to hormone changes during the menstrual cycle and is very common among women - at least those in Western countries. Until now, doctors have had difficulty treating this problem, but the Red Clover supplement looks like a "realistic option" for women suffering from it, Ingram says in a news release.

There has been growing scientific evidence over the past five years that isoflavones, which are natural compounds found in plants like Red Clover, mimic the activity of the body's own hormones. Women in Eastern countries have less trouble with premenstrual breast pain; they also have more isoflavones in their diet compared to Western women, largely from soy products.

The Red Clover isoflavones are believed to act as a weak estrogen, which reduces the amount of estrogen produced in breast cells, thereby reducing pain. A recent menopause study reported that 40mg of red clover isoflavones reduced hot flashes by more than 44% more than a placebo did after 3 months (Maturitas, July 25, 2002).

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