Red Clover Herbal Cleanse Formula

Red Clover Cleanse Formula is a blend of the best blood purifiers and cleansers with Red Clover Tops, Chaparal, Yew Concentrate


RED CLOVER contains one of the best mucus clearing sources in nature. An excellent blood purifier and cleanser of the system, especially the tops of the plant, which are used in this formula have a great reputation throughout the world as an anti-cancer herb and has been used to treat and help prevent cancer, and as a diuretic to treat gout. Red Clover's antibiotic properties have been used for many types of bacterial skin diseases, and a remedy for wasting type diseases. The first cancer clinic in Mexico, founded by Dr. Hoxsey used Red Clover tops in his treatment. Red Clover helps the liver and gall bladder by its stimulating action.

CHAPARRAL in the entire herb kingdom, Chaparral has had more interest and notoriety than any other herb. Is it safe? YES, is the answer! Herbalists with a lifetime of experience say, "We would not be without it!" It is so powerful that parasites will leave the system. It is anti-inflammatory and especially non-toxic. It will clean deep into the muscles and tissue walls. It can tone the system and rebuild tissues and is a very effective healer for the urethral tract, blood, liver and lymphatic, and at the same time cleanse everything including the kidneys. It helps relieve pain and many report their tumors are reduced. Chaparral excels when used with Red Clover and Yew.

YEW (taxus brevifolia) is the newest discovery and probably the best, so far as fighting the war on toxins associated with serious health concerns. Yew cleans and helps purify the blood.

During 1991, 1992 and 1993 Pacific Yew bark was used to produce Taxol, a new cancer therapy for Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical, Inc. Taxol being the active part of the plant. Each shipment of bark was quality tested and approved by food and drug inspectors. Historical documentation revealed that Native Americans used various formulations made from the bark and needles to treat lung disorders, internal and external injuries and a host of other ailments.

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