Asthma Allergy Emergency Drops

Nutra-Lizer neutralizes allergic reactions and poisons quickly - saving a trip to the $ emergency room $

This liquid combination was formulated to aid and assist when someone has severe sensitivities to insect bites or stings. When taken full strength after a bite or sting and applied topically to the area, relief is experienced in just a couple of minutes.

It also helps people with sinus related issues, the first sign of cold, flu or virus, allergies to pollen and extreme itching. It can also be effective with severe headaches.

Allergies are a nuisance! To those who suffer from the effects of pollens, molds, animals, etc. - Nutra-lizer is a life saver. It helps the immune system in fighting the itching, sneezing, runny nose and red eyes. It could save you a trip to the Emergency Room at your local hospital.

It works to neutralize poisons in the body fast! If you have a serious food allergy, such as shellfish, and you accidentially consume a shrimp at a restaurant, Nutra-Lizer can provide fast relief. It also combats the effects of bites from insects, spiders, and snakes.

Available in 1 or 4 oz. dropper bottle.

A must for every first aid kit!

FH-72-7 Nutralizer 1 oz. $15.95

FH-72-3 Nutralizer 4 oz. $44.95

877-493-5987 U.S. Toll Free Order Line 9-6 Eastern

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