Herbal Kidney & Bladder Cleanse Formula

Herbal kidney bladder formula reduces inflammation, kidney stones and infection. It cleanses and disinfects the urinary tract of unwanted bacteria, yeast, and mucus and relieves burning urination. It soothes inflammation, often infectious, of the kidneys, bladder, and urinary ducts that arise from the urethra or prostate. Kidney & Bladder Cleanse is useful for cystitis, nephritis, and urethritis and is specific for helping the passage of kidney stones.

Reasons for the Rise in Chronic Kidney Failure

Much of the increase in chronic kidney failure stems from America's problems with type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

Diabetes and high blood pressure are major causes of chronic kidney failure, accounting for 60% of new cases, says the CDC. Chronic kidney failure due to diabetes skyrocketed by 194% during 1990-2001, while kidney failure related to high blood pressure increased by 99% in the same period.

The aging U.S. population and a higher survival rate of chronic kidney failure patients also contributed to the increase, says the CDC.

Chronic kidney failure also had an economic impact. More than $20 billion was spent on chronic kidney failure in 2001 alone. In addition, Medicare payments for chronic kidney failure tripled from 1991-2001. Eleven percent of the US adult population has varying stages of chronic kidney disease, according to researchers from John Hopkins. People with chronic kidney disease are at a high risk of heart attacks and strokes. Low level kidney function is estimated to be present in one out of every five Americans over the age of 65.

UVA URSI herb works well in the kidney and bladder, dealing with stones and infections. It is a safe and natural diuretic. It helps balance the PH of urine that is high in acid. It is good for inflammation in all parts of the urinary system. In addition to helping the kidney and bladder, it is also of benefit for inflamed prostrate. It is good for gravel and calcium deposits in the urinary tract, Bright's disease, cystitis, diabetes, gonorrhea, neuritis, urethritis, and kidney infection.

CORN SILK has many benefits for kidney and bladder with Uva Ursi. It can be used for acute and chronic inflamed bladders and prostrate gland. It is used as a diuretic and can help cystitis. Corn silk helps reduce uric acid and is a phosphatic back up. It is also good for cardiac weakness. It works well with many urinary problems including painful urination, especially when used with golden seal root. Both young and old can use it alike. Children can also be helped with bed wetting problems.

JUNIPER BERRIES when mixed in a formula is helpful to dissolve kidney stones and prostrate sediment. It increases the flow of urine. Juniper is an excellent cleanser of the blood. It helps to tone the pancreas. It should not be used during pregnancy. Juniper is helpful for the adrenal glands, benefiting bladder problems, bleeding fungal infections and of course kidney infections.

HYDRANGEA- When mixed in a formula it will increase the flow of urine and help dissolve bladder stones and help ease the associated pain. It also treats lymphatic conditions caused by poor blood. Hydrangea can relieve backache caused by kidney trouble. Along with corn silk, hydrangea helps correct bed wetting problems. Its diuretic effect is helpful for prostrate infection and inflammation. Its primary effectiveness rests with bladder and kidney stones, gall stones, calcium deposits, gout, and urinary problems.

MARSHMALLOW - Known as the wound healer, is especially effective and soothing in kidney and bladder areas because of its high mucilag agents. When mixed with the other herbs in this formula it is even more effective in helping to relieve bladder, urinary, bleeding, and bed-wetting. It acts as a fine product to help symptoms associated with diarrhea and is a diuretic.

GRAVEL ROOT - Also known as "Queen of the Meadow", is a soothing herb for the urinary mucus membranes. It helps to dissolve stones and sediments. Gravel root is therapeutic for the urinary and genital areas. It is effective for many urinary tract problems including blood in the urine. It increases the elimination of solids in the urine. It is an effective herb for rheumatic and gout caused by uric acid deposits. It helps relieve lower back pain caused by kidney inflammation It can relieve pain in the uterus during menopause. This special herb, when used in this formula, is helpful for kidney and bladder conditions, and also, gout, stones, gravel, and kidney infections.

BUCHU - This herb has a fine reputation in treating chronic kidney inflammation from high acidity of the urine and mucus formations. It is especially soothing when there is pain while urinating. It's also helpful for the prostrate gland. It increases the flow of urine acts as a tonic, astringent, and disinfectant to the mucus membranes of the entire urinary tract.

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What Causes Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are hardened crystal clumps that can develop in the urinary system. They usually form because there is a breakdown in the balance of liquids and dissolved solids in the urine. The kidneys must keep the right amount of water in the body while they remove materials that the body cannot use. If this balance is disturbed, the urine can become overloaded with substances (usually small crystals) that won't dissolve in water. Crystals begin to stick together and slowly add layer upon layer to form a stone. A kidney stone may grow for months or even years before it causes a problem. They vary in size from specks to pebbles to stones as big as golf balls.

Chronic dehydration (lack of body water) can lead to kidney stones. Very hot weather, heavy sweating or too little fluid intake contribute to the formation of kidney stones. People who work outdoors in hot weather and who do not drink enough fluids may increase their risk of getting stones.

Kidney Dialysis
Ten to 20 million people in the United States have kidney disease but most don't know it, according to researchers at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases at the National Institutes of Health, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and the National Center for Health Statistics at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The findings are in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

Over the past decade the number of people with kidney failure doubled and the number starting dialysis or having a first kidney transplant increased by 50 percent, so that more than 400,000 Americans are now being treated for kidney failure at a cost of $25 billion annually. In contrast to these dramatic increases, the study also found that the number of people with earlier stages of kidney disease remained stable. About 7.4 million people have less than half the kidney function of a healthy young adult. Another 11.3 million have at least half of what's considered normal function, but they also have persistent protein in their urine, a sign of kidney disease. The researchers can't explain the paradox between stable prevalence of kidney disease and rising incidence of kidney failure, but they suggest that fewer patients may be dying and more may be progressing faster to dialysis.

Dialysis is a procedure that removes waste products from the body. When the kidneys are not functioning correctly, these waste products build up and remain in the blood. As the quantity of these waste products rise in the blood, the patient becomes sick with symptoms such as progressive nausea and vomiting, lack of appetite, muscle cramps and itching. This is called uremia. Family members may notice that the person with uremia may become sleepy, tired or weak.

Dialysis is a cleansing procedure that removes toxins and excess water from the blood (replacing the job the patient's kidneys were doing before they stopped functioning correctly). This is necessary when the kidneys are no longer able to filter these waste products and remove the extra fluid that accumulates.

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