Damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca)

Aphrodisiac and tonic herb for women.

Damiana is an herb from sunny Mexico which has a history as a female tonic and aphrodisiac. Chemically this plant has been found to contain several alkaloids that directly stimulate the sex organs and libido. Native Mexican women have long drunk an infusion of the herb a couple of hours before retiring to prime themselves for their men.

Frio de la matriz is an illness suffered by post-partum women. Literally it means "coldness of the womb or the uterus" and is caused by insufficient rest after the delivery. Symptoms include pelvic congestion, menstrual irregularities and loss of libido - these may persist up to several years after delivery if the conditions is not treated.

In traditional Hispanic folk beliefs, the pregnant women is attended by a partera or mid-wife at the time of delivery and afterwards. After delivery, the new mother is put to bed for 40 days. All household duties are assumed by her family or extended family. Her only responsibility is to feed her baby. One can quickly surmise that the incidence of frio de la matriz is quite wide-spread in this era of hospital deliveries and rapid mobilization of new mothers after birth. The traditional methods provide the opportunity for more intense bonding with the infant as well as the interaction with the rest of the family without additional responsibilities.

The treatment of choice for Frio de la matriz is Damiana; the herb is widely used across the world as an aphrodisiac; it has no known toxicity. Damiana is an ingredient in many herbal libido boosting formulas.

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