Chaste Tree & Wild Yam Women's Formula

Chaste Tree & Wild Yam normalize the activity of female hormones and restore estrogen to progesterone balance and helps menstrual cramps.

Chaste Tree is probably the most important herb in relation to helping PMS. It has been widely studied in relation to PMS and has shown to be extremely helpful in re-establishing a normal balance of hormones. Chaste Tree works on the pituitary gland and has a balancing effect on the hormones especially in the second half of the cycle which is why it is such an important herb for PMS symptoms.

Many woman suffering from menopausal symptoms will seek natural alternatives. In choosing a natural supplement for menopause, it is important for a comprehensive formula that contains natural active compounds from Wild Yam, Chastetree, Licorice Root and Siberian Ginseng as they work in different ways to help reduce menopause symptoms.

Known as the female hormones, estrogens are found in greater amounts in females than males. These essential molecules influence growth, development and behavior (puberty), regulate reproductive cycles (menstruation, pregnancy) and affect many other body parts - bones, skin, arteries, the brain, etc.

Health authorities in the U.S. now require drugs containing estrogen to carry warning labels about heart attack, stroke, blood clots and breast cancer.

Supplemental estrogen, even in the slightest amounts, in a woman who doesn't need it, or who has no progesterone to balance it, can lead to many serious side effects. When a woman complains of even the slightest menopausal type symptoms, conventional medical doctors will recommend a prescription of estrogen. Progesterone should be the first choice. For menopausal symptoms not controlled by progesterone supplementation alone, natural phytoestrogens can be very helpful.

  • Wild Yam or dioscorea contains the plant hormone diosgenin which is similar in structure to the adrenal hormone DHEA and the ovarian hormone progesterone. The plant hormone diosgenin has a balancing effect upon the body�s hormones similar to the effects of DHEA and progesterone. Wild yam can help to overcome the negative effects of declining levels of DHEA and progesterone that occur with aging. Natural plant hormones such as diosgenin are safer to take long term than are synthetic or animal forms of hormones. Wild yam can help those with fatigue, depression and loss of sex drive.

    Diosgenin can be converted into progesterone that very closely matches the molecular structure of the progesterone produced by our own bodies.

  • Chaste Tree (Vitex agnus-castus) has long been used in Europe to maintain a healthy menstrual cycle. Chaste Tree helps restore a normal estrogen-to-progesterone balance. It can not only ease, but with time, actually cure premenstrual syndrome, which has been linked to abnormally high levels of estrogen, especially if symptoms tend to disappear when menstruation begins. European herbalists also used it historically to treat fibroid tumors and other female complaints. The most important use of Chaste Tree in England is for treating menopause symptoms.

  • Licorice is very useful in treating PMS and is believed to lower estrogen levels while raising progesterone levels. For menopause, it is thought that the estrogenic like activity of licorice is responsible for many of its beneficial efects.

This formula provides support for balance of the hormones and can help with hot flashes, nervousness, mood swings and other symptoms associated with menopause and PMS. Recent studies suggest hormone replacement therapy or HRT is considered an unnecessary risk for menopausal women.

Chastetree and Wild Yam Formula contains: Chastetree berries, Wild Yam root, Siberian Ginseng, Hawthorn Berries, leaf and flower, Lavender flower, Licorice root.

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