Advanced Herbal Brain & Memory Formula

This brain formula boosts memory, improves circulation and delays mental decline due to aging with Huperzine A, Roseox and Ginkgo Biloba Extract.

Advanced Brain & Memory Formula is ideal for the "boomer" population and those alittle older. We live in a fast paced and increasingly complex world that requires mental sharpness and the ability to stay focused. Stress, anxiety, fatigue, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, the aging process and less than ideal nutrition all play a part with the deterioration of mental functioning.

It is very important to keep the carotid arteries open to bring oxygenated blood to the brain. We have a much better understanding now of what enhances brain functioning due to vast research carried out during the last decade. The brain and memory research is paying dividends. We've learned that the membrane wall between your blood and your brain must be maintained. The integrity of the blood - brain barrier (BBB) is vital for the prevention of premature brain aging and dementia.

CHOLINE - The synthesis of choline is indispensable to correct membrane functioning. There is an age-related decline in choline even with the absence of memory loss. Major losses of choline occur when the blood - brain barrier (BBB) leaks. Research in Spain indicates that supplementation with choline shows a 71% improvement in memory deficits in 2,067 people with memory problems (Morena 1991).

GINKGO BILOBA EXTRACT - Ginkgo improves blood circulation through the arteries, veins and capillaries. For people between 50 and 70, Ginkgo increases blood flow in the brain by 70%, according to an Italian study. Ginkgo feeds oxygen to tissues by dilating blood vessels and discouraging blood platelets from sticking together. This helps to improve memory. Do not use if you are taking prescription blood thinners such as Coumadin.

GOTU KOLA - (4:1 Extract) This Indian nerve tonic helps to improve memory, learning and cardiac function while increasing energy. Gotu Kola has a reputation as a brain food.

L GLUTAMINE - This amino acid helps brain function as it quickly converts into glucose, the only source of energy to the brain. L Glutamine plays an important role in many functions of the body such as energy levels, intestinal health, protein synthesis and healthy blood sugar levels through quick conversion into glucose. It also helps the body produce human growth hormone.

HUPERZINE A - As we age, the brain increasingly loses the ability to produce acetylcholine, an important chemical that is crucial to memory function and thinking ability. Huperzine A shows a beneficial effect by raising acetylcholine levels. It helps to promote better memory, cognitive ability and mental clarity.

ROSEOX - Roseox can help regenerate other antioxidants. It is made from Rosemary extract blended with an exclusive combination of herbs. It helps to improve the total antioxidant potential of Vitamin E.

A one month's supply of Advanced Brain Formula (30 concentrated capsules) is $17.95. The benefits of this product far exceed the cost.

FH-48-4 Advanced Brain Formula Concentrate $18.95
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